As we're forced to say over and over, fashion is not a diverse place. From casting to runway shows, models of color are always in the minority — and often treated poorly as a result.

Model Londone Myers, a Black woman with natural hair, showcased this in a powerful way.

Myers posted this time-lapse video to her Instagram, filmed backstage at a show at Paris Fashion Week. Londone is waiting for her hair to be done, and every single stylist avoids her — instead styling the white models behind her.

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"I don't need special treatment from anyone. What I need is for hairstylists to learn how to do black hair," Myers wrote. "I'm so tired of people avoiding doing my hair at shows. How dare you try to send me down the runway with a linty busted afro. We all know if you tried that on a white model you'd be #canceled. If one doesn't stand we all fall. If it isn't my fro it'll probably be yours."

The hair team avoided her so hard that Myers had to walk around the backstage area, trying to find someone who could — and would — style her natural hair.

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"I simply asked around the room for who did black hair multiple times and was cast aside, until they sat me in this guy’s chair who tried to send me off looking unpolished, like the other [Black] girls,” Myers told Teen Vogue.

She also said she usually does her own hair before shows and photo shoots due to the lack of hairstylists with experience doing natural hair. "It got to the point where I was the only one I could rely on. It makes me mad because I know they don’t expect that from most girls; just the ones whose hair is too hard to do,” Myers said to Teen Vogue

Many of Myers' followers, including Victoria's Secret model Leomie Anderson, had similar experiences with hair teams who "can't" do Black hair — and shared them in the comments.

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"Literally discussed this in my [BBC] radio interview! Like to the t (sic) said that they don't even want to touch natural haired girls! Good for you for standing up," Victoria's Secret model Leomie Anderson commented on the post. 

"YES YES YES!!!!!! drag em!!!! This shit is soooo absurd, we deserve to look as good as any other model on the runway," model Maria Paixão commented. 

"They want us for our 'difference' [and] 'uniqueness”' but don’t don’t want us for our 'difference' [and] 'uniqueness' smh. Learn what you invest in... I’m standing with you beautiful," another follower said. 

Myers' post also highlighted how prevalent racism is within the fashion industry — and in our society.

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There is a direct correlation between the industry's whitewashed runways and the lack of skilled hairstylists. By keeping models of color off runways, hairstylists don't *have* to learn how to style Black hair. And when models of color do appear on the runway, the lack of styling skill leads to them looking haphazard — which means they may be less likely to get work in the future.

This racism has been happening for decades, and it shouldn't take social media for the industry to wake up. Models of color deserve to be treated and styled equally as well as their white counterparts.

Hopefully Myers' impactful post will cause a tangible change.