Lupita Nyong'o may be an Oscar-winning actress, but there's another thing she's supremely good at — slaying every single red carpet she graces. While we look forward to the films she stars in (like Black Panther, 12 Years a Slave, and Star Wars), we also cannot help but anticipate what exactly she'll be wearing to the premiere event. 

Seriously. It should actually be illegal for Nyong'o to step onto red carpets looking as flawless as she does. She doesn't just wear clothes. The actress makes you feel like she invented the style, the color, and the texture you see her donned in. It also doesn't help that she has the most flawless skin and always serves up a cool hairstyle to boot. It's unfair to everyone else who shows up hoping to make a style impression on that given day, but hey, life's not fair. After all, do we even deserve Lupita Nyong'o and all her melanated goodness? We do not, and that is also unfair, but we are grateful for such a privilege. 

Nyong'o's most recent unforgettable slay was just as dark and brooding as the horror movie she was there to promote — Us, written and produced by Jordan Peele. She gave us major gothic vampire vibes as she stood beside her costar Winston Duke (previously M'Baku of Black Panther). From her stunning natural hair look to her eyes to her actual dress, every single angle was very "vampire but make it fashion." Come through, chocolate goth queen! Your subjects await!