How do you convince 100 guests to stand in the middle of the sea for your dream wedding?

Bride Susana Zamos knows how. Instead of throwing a mermaid-inspired wedding, she decided to up the ante with a LITERAL mer-wedding held in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

The bride wore a pink gown; the guests stood on a sandbar. Shot by Del Sol Photography, the photos are STUNNING.

"This isn't just about taking photos. It's a dream and it's about connection," Zamos said in her wedding video.

Despite the majesty of the wedding, it was no easy feat.

Initially, even the wedding planner was skeptical of the aquatic ceremony, but photographer Sol Tamargo encouraged the Boston-based couple to take a leap — or swim — of faith, according to their website. And for Zamos and her husband, Jovany, it definitely paid off! 

First, they had to transport over 100 guests in two boats and a catamaran to the El Cielo sandbar in Cozumel, Mexico, according to Cosmo. And then they had to use a drone in addition to a regular camera and an underwater camera to get all of the cool shots, according to Del Sol Photography's website. And if the pictures are any indication, it was TOTALLY worth it.

"When do you get to photograph a wedding in the ocean, with a surf board and an altar?” photographer Sol Tamargo said.

Their guests stood in the water for the ceremony, while the bridesmaids sat on surfboards, according to Del Sol Photography. And no, they weren't wearing swimsuits.

Although she's a mermaid at heart, the bride is also scuba driver so a sea wedding was a perfect fit.

“I have always loved the water. I’m a scuba diver and was fortunate enough to grow up with a pool in the backyard and the sea not far away. My happiest days were always in the water," the bride said on her website. 

Donning a pink Maggie Sottero gown, the bride's full ruffles looked magical underwater.

Behold the Queen of the Sea and her king, waving at their aquatic kingdom.

Mergoals forever.

The bride also had a gorgeous "Trash the Dress" wedding photoshoot with Del Sol Photography prior to the wedding.

A trash the dress photoshoot is basically a high-end wedding photoshoot. 

“I underestimated the difficult of swimming in a wedding dress. Especially being a 'mermaid,' I couldn’t believe how things change when there is a long flowing dress, crown of jewels, a long veil and the oh-so-talented Sol and Polly looking through their lenses at you!” Zamos said according to the Del Sol Photography website. 

Like her wedding, the photoshoot had a mermaid theme.

She had five dresses in all, and brought two to the trash the dress photoshoot, according to Del Sol Photography. Although her tailor discouraged her from putting the gowns in the water, Zamos wanted a truly unique aesthetic — and the outcome was definitely one-of-a-kind. 

Being a mermaid queen on your special day? That always sounds like a great idea.

To see more beautiful photos from the wedding, visit Del Sol Photography. 

h/t Cosmo and Huffington Post