Finally, some good news in this unrelenting hellhole of a week: Michelle Obama is on the cover of December's Vogue, and she looks AMAZING.

This is, hands down, one of the best covers Vogue has had.

I don't just mean in recent history; I mean EVER. Shot by Annie Leibovitz in and around the White House, this manages to be both a gorgeous fashion shot AND a glorious portrait of Michelle.

The editorial is simple, classic, and stunning.

Michelle, please wear more blue. You literally own this color.

In the interview, Michelle reveals that — like all of us — she is obsessed with cute dresses.

The entire feature is WELL worth a read, especially in the troubled, seriously depressing aftermath of the election. Michelle is infinitely kind, smart, and intensely focused — yet still not afraid to talk about fashion. Because, as we all know, women can be actively involved in social justice issues AND ALSO put effort into what they're wearing.

Of her truly outstanding First Lady style, Michelle said she never saw her fashion choices as brave. "It all boils down to comfort level," she said.

"If I’m going to make you comfortable, then I have to be comfortable first. So my first reaction isn’t ‘Who made this?’ But ‘Let’s try it on. What does it look like? Oooh, that’s cute. Oh, wow. I never thought of wearing something like this. Let’s put a belt on it. I feel gooood in this.’ There are definitely designers that I love, people I love to work with. And who they are as people matters. Are they good people? Do they treat their staff well? Do they treat my staff well? Are they young? Can I give them a boost? But! When all of that is equal... is it cute?!"

Michelle, we love you. Thank you for eight years of First Lady awesomeness, and iconic photos like this.

We miss you and Barack already — but we can't wait to see what causes you lend your voices to next.