Miley Cyrus has a statement to make about these new abortion restrictions — a fashion statement, that is. The pop star has always spread a message about women's rights and body autonomy to her fans. She's made those feelings even clearer with her new sex-positive album entitled She Is Coming plus her statements against sexual harassment after trolls tried to victim-blame her for being attacked by a fan in Barcelona.

Now Cyrus is joining the fight for women's reproductive rights where abortion is concerned, and she's teaming up with designer Marc Jacobs to get the job done.

Cyrus first teased the collaboration with this gorgeous, pink — and yes, racy — Instagram photo. 

In the photo, Cyrus licks a cake that reads, "Abortion is healthcare." She also added a special note. "Very special collab with @plannedparenthood, @happyhippiefdn, [and] @marcjacobs TO BE ANNOUNCED veryyyyyy soon! #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #DONTFUCKWITHMYFREEDOM," she captioned the photo. Fans immediately filled up her comments with hearts and arm-flexing emojis. 

The singer followed up the post with another interesting Miley Cyrus hotline video. 

If you've been following Cyrus as she does promo for the She Is Coming album, then you know she introduced a quirky, sexy hotline. Yes, you can actually call that number, and yes, Cyrus does actually pick up — well, a recording of her voice picks up. In the recording, she spreads messages about celebrating your lady parts, complete with loud, shrieking cat sounds. 

What makes it cool is that this specific hotline video features Miley Cyrus demonstrating how she speaks to her, er, lady parts. I'll just take this as Cyrus' way of promoting more women being in tune with their vaginas. 

Anywho, she tagged Marc Jacobs, Planned Parenthood, and her personal Happy Hippie Foundation again in this post.

Next, Cyrus revealed exactly what her partnership with Marc Jacobs and Planned Parenthood actually looks like!

Yes, she included a cover photo of her putting what looks like oranges or tangerines over her bare boobs. Again, this is Miley Cyrus, people. She has no filter and she does not hold back when it comes to celebrating her body, her choices, and empowering her fans to do the same. This time, Marc Jacobs and Planned Parenthood have joined forces with her to release this "Don't F*** With My Freedom" hoodie. And yes, the design features that gorgeous photo of Cyrus on the front.

You can now scoop up the Miley Cyrus x Marc Jacobs The Charity Hoodie ($175, Marc Jacobs) on the Marc Jacobs website. 

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This limited-edition cotton hooded sweatshirt features Miley Cyrus screen-printed at the front and the collaboration logo on the back. Sizes range from XS to XL, which is unfortunate because I'm sure Cyrus has plenty of plus-size fans who would also like to wear this hoodie but would need bigger sizes. Still, if this hoodie is your jam and you can find your size, then it's available for pre-order this very minute and will ship on July 15. Also, kudos to Marc Jacobs and Miley Cyrus, because the hoodie itself is actually really cute!

Cyrus' fans are overjoyed that she's taking a stance against abortion restrictions in this creative way, but that doesn't mean she isn't getting a ton of hate also. 

Cyrus fans are so into it. "Yaass girl! Our body, our choice. No one's story should be determined by the choice of a few who don't know us and who don't care about us," one fan wrote. Even Demi Lovato chimed in about the hoodie, writing "I waaaaannnntttt" in the comments.

Still, Cyrus' comments section is flooded with anti-choicers who are pissed that she's involved in this initiative. She's ignoring them as always.

The best part about the hoodie is that Cyrus is putting her money where her pro-choice beliefs are with the proceeds.

100% of the profits from this hoodie will go toward Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides "vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people worldwide," as described on its website.

This is great news because a woman's right to have an abortion is currently under attack. Both Alabama and Georgia recently passed laws against abortions. 

Planned Parenthood also filed a lawsuit against Alabama over its abortion law.

The organization and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit against Alabama after the state passed a law banning abortion at all stages of pregnancy with no exceptions for victims of rape or incest. The state of Georgia also passed a restrictive law against abortion which bans them after six weeks instead of the previous 20 weeks. 

"At Planned Parenthood, we believe sexual and reproductive health care IS health care — and that health care is a human right," the organization wrote on its Instagram. "That includes safe, legal abortion. Everyone deserves health care that’s free of shame, stigma, or judgment."