It's important to be able to laugh at yourself. Case in point (unexpectedly): Miley Cyrus.

Cyrus is no stranger to controversy. But when someone recreated her most recent Harper's Bazaar cover to poke fun at what some thought was a too-Photoshopped, lifeless pose, Cyrus was 100% IN on the joke.

An uncredited genius recreated Miley's cover with an '80s Barbie standing in for Miley — an idea Cyrus thought was so funny, she re-posted it to her own account.

Wouldn't it be awesome to have Barbie as a stand-in? They probably both have pretty incredible closets, so this would be a match made in style heaven. 

And the recreation was pretty spot-on, since it had Cyrus's white billowing shirt and flower crown.

The only issue? We don't know WHO the amazing person who created this Barbie cover is — Miley didn't credit them. Perhaps that means she made it herself?

And her followers had some HILARIOUS responses.

photo: Tumblr

"Wayyy too much photoshop you don't even look alive Miley!" one user said.

"Now THIS is a lifeless cover," said another.

"When Facetune goes wrong," a fan commented.

"So boring Miley your eyes look painted on," said another.

Maybe Miley and Barbie should do a duet someday — I'd buy tickets to see that.