Gather 'round, shopaholics! We possibly just found one of the best deals of the summer. The beloved online retailer ModCloth just launched an outlet shop, and the prices are looking unbelievably good. If you thought you were in love with ModCloth, its affordable new sister shop is about to have you totally sprung. The ModCloth Outlet has prices that are marked down as low as 90% off! 

We're talking $20 dresses, home goods priced below $10, and special-occasion designs priced below $50! We're also *really* digging the fact that ModCloth came through with pages and pages and pages of plus-size clothes. Nope, you aren't dreaming. Shopping at ModCloth just got way, way cooler. If you're ready to fill up a cart or three at just the thought of all this fun, then SAME. To help you sift through all the savings, we rounded up the best and cutest outlet deals. 

You're going to have to be quick; so much stuff is selling out that it's hard to keep up. 

Collectif Collectif x MC Curtsy Courtesy Midi Jumper ($20, ModCloth)

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This jumper skirt is SO CUTE! It has the straps of overalls and a skirt-like bottom that allows you to wear it with a T-shirt or dressier blouse. This design comes in two styles: solid teal or a grapefruit slice print. Be warned that this baby is selling super fast, so the solid teal version has two sizes left. The printed one has sizes ranging from 4 to 28 (0 to 24 in US sizes). 

Zest of Times Cactus Photo Holder ($8, ModCloth)

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Spice up the look of your room or your personal desk at work with this quirky-cool cactus photo holder. The holder comes with 12 pins for hanging up everything from photos to ticket stubs to postcards. The separate wooden pins allow you to display anything you want in whatever order. FYI, this photo holder is just under two feet tall. 

Swift Commitment Floral Maxi ($25, ModCloth)

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Every wardrobe needs a floral dress or two in its lineup for spring and summer. This particular style has adjustable self-tie straps and a shirred smock bodice. You can also order this dress for straight and plus sizes. This dress is selling pretty fast, and a couple of sizes are already sold out. 

Upside Down for Anything Stranger Things Tote ($10, ModCloth)

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Surprise, Stranger Things fans. This cutesy tote is available and marked down just for you. The design is pretty straightforward. It features three animated versions of the characters from the popular Netflix show, red straps, and the show logo. 

The Sara High-Waisted Bikini Bottom ($20, ModCloth)

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How cute is this blue shark-print bikini?! The best part about this is that there are a ton of bikini bottoms in different prints and colors available. It's important to note that the bikini tops and bottoms are sold separately. You can find your perfect matching top at varying prices here

A Bit Twisted d'Orsay Flat ($20, ModCloth)

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$20 shoes?! Count me all the way in! These d'Orsay flats come in three different styles, which are black-and-white-striped, a pink floral print, and teal polka dot print. The best part about the $20 shoes at ModCloth is that there are SO MANY different pairs. Check out the full outlet shoe section here.

Lady Love Song Sheath Dress ($25, ModCloth)

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This sultry red dress screams "date night." It's meant to highlight curves and it's incredibly sophisticated. This is the dress to pull if you want to carefully tread the line between conservative and sexy. You can wear this and feel comfortable at a company party. but it's also good enough to wear going out with your girls. 

Adventurous Sips Lowball Glass Set ($12, ModCloth)

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This little glass set is just adorable. The set is meant for day drinking, night drinking, and all other occasions in between. One glass reads "Liquid Luck" while the other reads "Liquid Courage." Although these glasses are full of colorful drinks, they also have a *touch* of color on their own. One glass has a teal bottom while the other has a pretty pink bottom.