People are animals. We already knew that. But on Black Friday? Forget it. You'll find more human dignity at the zoo.

Prime example: Get a load of the way these Black Friday shoppers left a poor, unsuspecting Nike outlet about 45 minutes outside of Seattle:

Total. Fucking. Chaos.

Yes, that's right — humans did this. Humans... or at least, that's what they call themselves.

The ransacking began on Thanksgiving day at 8 pm.

Larry Downer, a Seattle resident, decided to visit the store and couldn't believe that this scene wasn't the result of an earthquake, he told BuzzFeed News.

There were more boxes on the floor than there were on the shelves. Some were even flattened to two-dimensional pieces of cardboard.

Don't believe me? Just watch as people pick their way across the wreckage of this crime scene:

A store worker told BuzzFeed that an estimated 20,000 people had trampled — I mean, shopped — in the store by 10 pm on Friday.

Think of the poor retail workers who had to clean up after these garbage humans.

I can only imagine what they were thinking as this was going on...