Old Navy has had one major barrier in the way of becoming truly size-inclusive. For over ten years, their plus-size collection has only been available online. While their online catalog has long boasted clothing in sizes 00 through 30, plus-sized gals have been left out when it comes to shopping their stores in person. That is, until now.

Old Navy just announced that, for the first time, its full plus-size catalog will finally be available in 75 brick-and-mortar locations.

The family retailer took to social media to confirm the announcement.

75 of their retail locations will now carry sizes 16 through 30. It's about time!

Plus-size shoppers have been deprived of an in-person shopping experience for far too long, which begs the question: why didn't this development happen sooner?

According to Old Navy, it's because they've been perfecting their sizing and building a loyal customer base online.

They briefly stocked in-store shelves with plus sizes from 2004 to 2007, but decided to pull them when their fit didn't meet customer standards.

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"When we were in stores, we didn’t necessarily execute it well and our customer wasn’t responding to our collection the way we had hoped, so we made the decision to pull back," Loretta Choy, senior vice president and general manager of the adult division at Old Navy, told Glamour.

"The most important thing when you’re building out a plus line and bringing it in stores is addressing all the pain points; we saw an opportunity to improve the plus collection and build a loyal customer in the online space before returning to the physical retail environment," Choy continued.

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So, in the last decade, they've looked to their online plus-sized audience for help perfecting their sizing. They've read tons of reviews and worked to fix problem areas by doing things like adding extra buttons, using heavier fabric weight, and adding elastic bands.

I know you're probably wondering why they're only rolling out extended sizing to 75 stores, as opposed to all 1,000-plus brick-and-mortars. And there's a reason!

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Old Navy's strategy is to start with a limited number of locations and get as much feedback a possible. Then, they'll take the constructive criticism and improve the experience along the way. After perfecting the experience, they'll launch the plus-size collection in all stores over the next few years.

"We’re really pacing ourselves because we want to do it right this time," Choy told Glamour. "We always knew we wanted to get plus-size back into the stores—the product had to be right first. We don’t want to let our customers down."

Plus sizes will get their own section, with plus-sized mannequins and about 175 different styles in sizes 16 to 30. While that's still less than half their online offering, it's at least a start.

Old Navy has had a rocky relationship with plus-sized babes in the past, but hopefully this news is a step in a more positive direction.

Although, some customers are hesitant to celebrate, as they still have other concerns they want addressed.

Choy said Old Navy's ultimate goal is to give plus-sized customers the same brand experience as all other sizes, and we're crossing our fingers that they follow through.

"Whatever you see in our emails or the windows of our stores—the optimistic colors, the fun prints, the great styling—all of that should be the same for the plus customer," Choy said. "Our goal is for her to have the same amount of fashion that we offer everyone, to participate in the same brand experience that we’re delivering: fashion, fun, family for all."