Olayinka Mia Noel is an Atlanta-based model and R&B singer.

Olayinka Mia Noel
photo: Instagram/@mia_xso

She *also* happens to be the real-life twin of Princess Jasmine.

real-life Princess Jamine
photo: Instagram/@mia_xso

This Halloween, Noel went all out for her Jasmine costume — and the degree to which she nailed the look is seriously mind blowing.

Disney Princess Jasmine in real life
photo: Instagram/@mia_xso

Magic contour > magic carpet.

From her gold choker to her perfectly coiffed ponytail, Noel absolutely slayed.

Princess Jasmine IRL
photo: Instagram/@mia_xso

But of course, Noel's best accessory was her real-life prince. She and her Aladdin even recreated a musical number from the movie.


As expected, the internet could not get enough of Noel's costume.

Twitter reaction to real-life Princess Jasmine
photo: Twitter

But even without the satin getup, her resemblance to Jasmine is uncanny.

real-life Princess Jasmine
photo: Instagram/@mia_xso

Who needs Halloween? Noel is basically ~royalty~ every day of the year.

Real-life Disney princess
photo: Instagram/@mia_xso

Bow down.