If you're tired of the everlasting dilemma of dressing fancy in the midst of a subzero winter, there's finally a solution: gowns made entirely of puffer coat material. Puffer jackets are known for their eternal coziness and warmth — and little else. They don't offer much in terms of fashion or form, as they limit your movement and styling choices, but at least they keep you warm, right? 

For some reason, the high-fashion world saw these colorful marshmallow equivalents and decided to explore different styles. The result? A collection of hideous garb reminiscent of sleeping bags.

Moncler's Winter 2018 collection is essentially just a bunch of different pieces made of puffer jacket material. There are regular puffer coatsmaxi puffer coats, cropped puffers, maxi-capes, and even gloves (which are so popular they already sold out). Seriously.

But the worst of all is the extraordinary puffer coat evening gown, available in shades of royal blue and bubblegum pink.

To style this fashionable sleeping bag look, simply add another layer of puff. You could run into walls and probably not even feel it.

Here's how these monstrosities are described on the Barney's website: "This down-quilted puffer dress is assembled from pink lacquered-effect tech fabric. Exploring religious symbolism, this piece for Moncler’s first Genius Project collection features a sculptural silhouette and long, full skirt."

Aside from being hideous, they are only available in sizes 00 to 1 and cost a whopping $2,710. So, sadly, average-size women who are not extremely wealthy will have to sit this trend out.

Even more wild? People are actually wearing them! Style star Monica Almada was spotted in the blue sleeping bag look on the streets of New York City. And it was just as awful as you'd imagine.

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"Fantastic Beasts" actor Ezra Miller even donned a black cape version on the red carpet. 

Needless to say, I'm not the only one confused about this trend.

So ugly, but so warm. Decisions, decisions.

Others are mysteriously here for the puffer coat takeover.

Perhaps Moncler is onto something for the outdoor winter wedding aesthetic?

All I know is 2018 was a trainwreck and what better way to celebrate its end than with a hideous fashion trend? It only makes sense.

photo: NBC