Rihanna is our queen. Who else could deal with online trolls who can't stop talking about her thighs WHILE ALSO rocking spring's craziest new boot trend?

Nobody, that's who.

While shooting a music video in Miami, Rihanna rocked floral Balenciaga boot-pants with a see-through crop-top and matching scarf.

We're loving the doorknocker hoops that matched the hardware on her Versace belt.

Her look was giving us early 2000s vibes with the tinted shades and the peasant-style blouse. 

Rihanna is no stranger to the boot-pants trend — while on her "Anti" tour, she wore waist-high boot-chaps constantly.

splash news bruno marzi rihanna concert
photo: Bruno Marzi/Splash News

So she's clearly been working up to boots that just replace pants altogether.

splash news bruno marzi rihanna concert
photo: Bruno Marzi/Splash News

The Giuseppe Zanotti boots were made just for Rihanna and took three months to create, according to Harper's Bazaar. She's never afraid to take a fashion risk. However, if you're dying to rock a version of Rihanna's Miami look, we have just the outfit for you. 

Even if you're not on that Versace budget, getting Riri's look for less IS possible. First, find a floral top...

Floral open-shoulder top ($19.90, Forever 21

Then find some muted green high-waisted leggings...

French terry knit leggings ($17.90, Forever 21

And then wear matching over-the-knee boots.

From far away, it can give the illusion of super-long boots! 

Over-the-knee knit sock boots ($54.60, Forever 21)  

You'll look like a queen in no time.

photo: Tenor

h/t People