Rihanna is making clothes and history at the same time! If you've been praying every day to wake up to a surprise album release on Apple Music or Spotify from the Bad Gal, then well, keep praying. That's not the surprise she has for the Navy at this time, and you're going to have to deal for a little while longer. 

The queen is busy being an iconic designer from inception with her new Fenty label that is so close to its release date, we can almost feel our hands wiping over the fabrics in our wardrobes. Rihanna just gave the people the first official sneak peek at what the Fenty designs will look like. 

Naturally, Rihanna debuted her new Fenty threads in a fabulous magazine spread.

Mmhmm. Rihanna popped up in T Magazine — owned by The New York Times, by the way — to gift the world its first look at a few designs from her upcoming brand. It's the first digital cover because, well, you know how good Rihanna is at being the first. She's the first woman to create an LVMH design house. She's the first black woman to do that too. She's also the first fashion house to come out of the LVMH camp since Christian Lacroix.

You've probably been hearing these fun facts about Rihanna since the first rumors of her own clothing line hit the internet.

Still, the information is anything but mundane and worth the repetition. At 31 years old, Rihanna is a woman, a person of color, and an islander who is making waves for the history books in real time. Our generation is kind of honored to have her. The fashion industry is even more so. Have we ever even seen anyone take such a strong command of the fashion and beauty spaces since, say, Elizabeth Taylor? Spend an afternoon googling Elizabeth Taylor, but before you do, I'll answer the question: no. We have not seen it. That's why Rihanna is here to SERVE. 

Rihanna shared her excitement about the photo spread and the Fenty brand via social media.

"So excited to be on @tmagazine's first digital cover!! Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come from @FentyOfficial," she wrote. From the looks of the shoot, we're getting every single blessed street style moment Rihanna has ever slayed rolled up in a ball with every design she ever wished she could have but hadn't seen yet. I see monochrome fun, which she has mastered over the years (particularly with pastels and a little fur involved), some denim which gives me sweet memories of her dope denim innovations released in her old River Island collection, and accessories that blur the lines between over-the-top and subtly cool. 

Honey. I'm ready. 

Bad Gal is giving us all of the drama. 

Again, the pieces have a vibe we've felt before, so that's an indication that Rihanna has her hands all over her Fenty clothing brand. Still, each design manages to feel fresh and new. Also, note how Rihanna has shown us at least four outerwear pieces already. If you know anything about Rihanna's style trajectory over the past 15 years, then you know our girl is the QUEEN of statement outerwear. Every design I see from her makes all of the sense. Fellow fashion geeks, this is what we came for!

We also can't forget this Fenty design, which was our first unofficial peek at the label.

Eagle-eyed fans not only noticed that they couldn't place this canary yellow dress with a popular designer name. They also spotted the official Fenty label before it was ever confirmed by Rihanna and LVMH. It started out as a theory. Then, Rihanna dropped the official logo and made things official.

Now fans can get even more excited because the Fenty brand has a pre-release date!

That's right! According to T, Fenty clothes will be available for sale on May 24 at a pop-up shop in Paris. The clothes will be fully available for purchase on May 29. This means Paris has four days to ready itself for the coming of Rihanna, while the rest of us have nine days to get our hearts ready for a digital drop. 

Go ahead and dub this the year of Rihanna.

The article also confirms just how accessible Rihanna's Fenty designs will actually be. 

According to T, the Fenty brand will focus on digital sales. New apparel will be released every few weeks as opposed to the people having to wait for spring, summer, and fall collections. If you're wondering what this means for how the brand will approach Fashion Month, then prepare your heart because Rihanna isn't doing that. She specifically noted that there will be no runway shows. 

The brand also doesn't plan to stick to one aesthetic or to focus on one type of woman.

The mission of Fenty designs "is to really speak to how multifaceted today’s woman is," Fenty's style director Jahleel Weaver told T. "We’re thinking about each release as a different facet to a woman’s wardrobe and how she approaches dressing. Luxury has been defined in the past as one woman, one brand: You know who the Saint Laurent woman is, you understood who the Céline woman was when it was Phoebe. Which is fine, but you think about how that relates to the modern woman. I don’t think she is just one thing, Rih being the perfect example of that.”

Rihanna is also proud of the fact that Fenty offers gender-bending designs.

"I use myself as the muse," she shared with T Magazine. "It’s sweatpants with pearls or a masculine denim jacket with a corset. I feel like we live in a world where people are embracing every bit of who they are. Look at Jaden Smith, Childish Gambino. They dare you to tell them not to." 

Got a million more questions about the Fenty brand?

photo: NBC

Keep that release date on the brain because that's when every question will be answered! Fenty clothes are literally SO CLOSE. The designs are ready and there will be more coming continuously. You've got until May 29 to get those quarters in order! 

That Rihanna reign won't be letting up anytime soon.