From wearing a full on ski mask at Coachella to teasing item after item for her Fenty Beauty brand, Rihanna likes to keep it unpredictable. However, Rihanna doesn't exactly do things out of the blue — if you look closely at her activity, you'll notice there may be an underlying pattern that could be hinting at her rumored lingerie drop! 

The latest lingerie secret Rihanna's teased can be found in her recent Instagram story, if you closely study what she's wearing.

The mint green bralette Rihanna is wearing in the Instagram Story appears to be a triangle shape with white trim along the cup.

Is this a first look at one of her upcoming lingerie pieces? The style is definitely more minimalist than most of Rihanna's looks, but I'm thinking maybe that's to keep prices down. After all, according to WWD, Rihanna has allegedly landed a partnership with affordable activewear brand Fabletics' parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group. Rihanna may have enough #fundz to wear head-to-toe designer, but she knows her fans may not be able to!

This isn't the first tease that Rihanna has given us, though. She wore a brown bralette in her Insta Story in March 2018.

This also seems like it's from her upcoming line.

In April 2018, she posted a mysterious image of a pink bra and two televisions. 

The caption was, "Didn't they tell u?" — which is a lyric from her song "Needed Me." JUST TELL US, RIHANNA. WE NEED IT. 

If you're STILL not convinced, an Instagram page that Rihanna follows called Savage x Fenty popped up in April 2018, too. 

Could this be the name of her new collection? Hey, Savage x Fenty would be quite a catchy lingerie name. 

Although all we have are bralette breadcrumbs for now, we're hoping Rihanna will let us know what it's all about soon! 

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