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Rihanna is coming, y'all. You'd better prepare your coins now instead of later, because her clothing line could drop way sooner than the public initially thought!

We already know that she has been in talks to launch a luxury clothing line with LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the parent company of labels such as Dior, Givenchy, and Kendo (which owns Sephora, where Fenty Beauty is sold). The line will be the first designer brand launched from this company since Christian Lacroix's in 1987.

If that information wasn't exciting enough, more details are available about the nature of Rihanna's history-making deal. You're gonna need to buckle up for this rundown.

First things first, Rihanna's clothing line already has a tentative name!

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Project Loud France is the luxury clothing line name, as reported by Business of Fashion. This title is meant to be named after Rihanna's fifth album, Loud, but it could still just be a placeholder. Remember that the sunglasses Rihanna was spotted wearing read "Fenty" on their side!

Rihanna is also a MAJOR company shareholder so yes, our girl is fully involved. 

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"Rihanna is a 49.99% shareholder in Project Loud France via her company Denim UK Holdings," as reported by Vogue.

Rihanna has also invested 29,988,000 euros into the brand, as LVMH has invested 30 million.

With those numbers, both parties are clearly serious about this new undertaking. We can also, as always, expect nothing less than top-notch, culture-shifting designs to emerge under the Fenty name. 

We can also expect Project Loud France to give us nearly every product under the sun!

The brand is set to produce an array of products including womenswear, menswear, lifestyle products, and accessories.

Speaking of accessories, we've likely already seen a few previews from Project Loud France.

She hit the streets of New York wearing a pair of oversize sunglasses with FENTY on the side and turned the entire internet upside down. 

That wasn't her last time showing off a pair of Fenty frames, either! 

Sigh. Our queen is such a tease. Rihanna hid another red pair in her Instagram Stories. 

Rih's been sneaking her own sunglasses into her social media updates for weeks.

If these previews are any indication, skinny sunglasses are officially out, and oversize frames are back in. 

And am I the only one who noticed the pair she wore for her 31st birthday?!

Rihanna kept it low-key yet colorful with a vibrant manicure and a Vetements hoodie.

These consistent teasers may be our best clue that Project Loud France is coming sooner than we thought!

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Consider her Fenty Beauty rollouts. We already have proof that Rihanna was wearing those products right in front of our faces at least a year ahead of her first announcement. Once we all jumped on the Fenty Beauty train, she started sneak-peeking products left and right! 

From her street-style looks to her Instagram page, you never know when or where Rihanna will announce a new drop. 

Now that we all know the pop star has partnered with LVMH, and now that she knows we know, these teasers could mean an actual product release is coming oh so soon! 

The Rihanna Navy is waiting impatiently for whatever Robyn Fenty has in store for us. They already know who they want to see modeling her new luxury threads.

"@Rihanna please sign her to model for your new upcoming clothing line @willowsmith," one fan wrote to the singer on Twitter.

Fans are especially ready to throw coins at the Bad Gal after the back-to-back news about problematic clothing brands. 

Between Burberry sending a noose down its runway and several brands' blackface design choices, something fun and fresh from Rihanna is a welcome distraction!

Other longtime fans are just so proud to see how far Rihanna has come since she released her first song in 2005.

"Little ol Rihanna from Barbados that nobody thought would be a threat has ascended from music icon to legendary fashion HOUSE! Like... it gets no better for a come up!" a fan wrote on Twitter.

From longtime fans to people who fell in love when Fenty Beauty was born, this new fashion house is the ultimate gift from Rihanna to the people.

It's safe to say the culture wants any and everything associated with the name Fenty and From Fenty Beauty to Fenty x Puma to Savage x Fenty. Hasn't Rihanna proven it's always worth it? 

Project Loud France, here we come!