October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Rihanna is bringing attention to this issue with her Savage X Fenty lingerie line. Breast cancer affects about 12% of women+, or about 1 in 8 women in the United States. The biggest risk factor? Just being born with breasts. 

Still, no matter where folks are during their breast cancer journeys, they deserve to feel like the fly, sexy powerhouses that they are. For BCA Month, Savage X Fenty is celebrating survivors and thrivers with the Savage X Thrivers collection. Thrivers are "young women living with aggressive forms of breast cancer," as they wrote on their Instagram. And most importantly, the brand is letting thrivers tell their own story about living the illness and still slaying everyday. 

The collection isn't pink just for the sake of being pink.

As the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, I've seen firsthand how painful it can be when brands reduce patients to their body parts ("save the boobies!"), instead of celebrating the actual person; or when brands cynically slap a pink ribbon onto their product without actually engaging in meaningful charity. 

Savage X Fenty is doing neither of these things. "With every pink style purchased, you’ll help the @claralionelfdn fund critical research and support for this lesser known group of young women," the brand wrote on Instagram. According to their site, donations from a portion of purchases from the Savage X Thrivers collection "will be made to Clara Lionel Foundation (CLF) with a minimum donation of $3.75 for each product sold."

The Clara Lionel Foundation is Rihanna's charitable foundation that supports a variety of philanthropic missions — she named the charity after her grandparents. Through sales of the collection, the foundation will "fund critical research and support for this lesser known group of young women living with aggressive forms of breast cancer."

Our first thriver is Stephanie Seban, an author, activist, and all-around baddie.

To kick off the campaign, Savage X Fenty introduced us to Stephanie Seban, who "was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer at a young age and she has been THRIVING ever since," the brand said on Instagram. "Eight years, to be exact. Does she let this stop her from being an entrepreneur and published author?… NO, HUNNY! And she’s just getting started."

Seban's story is incredible — she's dealt with several rounds of chemotherapy, lumpectomy surgeries, and mental health issues. That's one aspect of breast cancer that gets overlooked: the toll it can take on the patient's mental well-being.

Seban isn't shy about detailing the reality of breast cancer treatment.

Oh her Instagram, Seban discussed the reality of breast cancer and what it truly means, away from pink feel-good altriuisms. "Induced menopause, 5 surgeries, loss of a breast — I now rock a prosthetic, collapsed lungs once filled with cancer that had to be drained to breathe, multiple hospitalizations⁣⁣⁣, 2 near death experiences," her list goes on.

Despite the challenges she faced, Seban said she feels "thankful for this strong vessel and its endurance and resilience."

We also met Nalie Agustin, a blogger and media speaker.

On her Instagram, she wrote a wonderful open letter to Rihanna. Agustin thanked RiRi for inviting her to join the campaign and her commitment to Savage X Fenty's radical inclusiveness.

"Thank you for proving that boundaries are meant to be broken and rules re-written," wrote Agustin. "Thanks for creating a lingerie line for women of ALL shapes and sizes that celebrates DIVERSITY, INCLUSIVITY, CONFIDENCE and everything it means to be a WOMAN!"

Also part of the campaign is Johanna De La Cruz, an influencer who uses her platform to show how survivors are just as fabulous as anyone else.

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In a loving, heartfelt Instagram post, Johanna De La Cruz emphasized that life is precious and deserved to be lived. "Life is great but it becomes more of a blessing when you start living your dreams while fighting and thriving," wrote De La Cruz.

Savage X Thrivers also highlighted Bianca Muñiz, a singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, and performer.

Bianca Muñiz, who sounds like our new best friend, was stoked to bring this important message to the world through very cute lingerie. "Thank you for making me feel strong, sexy and giving me an opportunity to celebrate my body and all it’s done for me and all it’s going to continue to do for me," she wrote on Instagram.

Speaking of very cute lingerie, let's take a look at the Savage X Thrivers collection.

The Savage X Thrivers collection is so good, y'all. It includes bra and underwear, of course, but also includes bath robes, sleepwear, and, for Savage X Fenty VIP members, a collectible dominos set featuring the thrivers. But the donation comes from any Savage X Fenty pink product, so fill up your cart with that lace teddy you've been eyeing. It's for a great cause.