Rihanna has arrived in New York City for her Savage x Fenty fashion show. The musician, beauty mogul, and fashion designer strutted her stuff at John F. Kennedy airport, in a comfortable, casual blue sweatsuit, serious sunglasses, a travel-friendly top bun, and … *squinting* Is that her handbag? Sorry, it looked like a Butterfingers wrapper. And naturally, Rihanna paired her tiny bag with a giant smile that says, "Don't you love my hilarious new accessory?" Keep reading for close-ups of her keychain-sized purse.

The bag is the tiniest!

Look at this bag. It is very tiny and very cute. It is the smol puppo of bags. This bag cannot fit a smartphone, a wallet, a tiny bottle of lotion, a tube of lipstick, or really anything you would need for a night out. You could *maybe* fit a single credit card and your house keys if you took them off your keyring. But when you're Rihanna, you have people in your employ that carry those things for you!

It's created by Delvaux as part of its Les Miniatures collection.

Belgian leather goods company Delvaux created Rihanna's bag as part of its Les Miniatures collection, which is inspired by Belgium, England, and New York City. The Les Miniatures Big Apple collection is only available at Delvaux's flagship boutique on 5th Avenue in NYC, and the collection includes a burger-themed bag, an American flag bag with metal star studs, and a taxi-themed bag, which is painted yellow with a black-and-white-checkered design.

Rihanna rocked the teensy taxicab bag.

Here's a better look at Rihanna's bag. It's tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and from this photo, it looks no more than two inches high. The bag is basically a keychain, but with luxury detailing, like bonded leather edges and double-stitching. No word on its price point, but we can guess it is not cheap.

An even tinier bag exists, if you can believe it!

>>Get it here

If you're cooing over Rihanna's mini bag like the rest of us, you can score your own tiny tote without having to travel to a Delvaux retailer. French designer Jacquemus arguably kicked off the tiny bag trend in 2018, and you can buy this pocket-size bag for $225. It's made of real leather and can be worn as a necklace or across the shoulder. The rolled handle is longer than the bag itself!