Can Serena Williams do any wrong? The answer is absolutely not. She's arguably the most talented and hardworking athlete in the entire world. Williams is also breathtakingly, drop-dead gorgeous. When we aren't fawning over her masterful tennis victories, we're usually fawning over her magazine covers and Instagram photos. Speaking of beautiful publication covers, Williams' recent appearance on the cover of the August issue of Harper's Bazaar has fans' jaws on the floor.

These unretouched photos are truly something else. From the hair and makeup to the clothes, Williams looks powerful, regal, and oh yeah, smoking HOT.

First, let's get into the tamer version of Serena Williams' Harper's Bazaar cover.

I told you she looked smoking hot. "Introducing our August cover star... @SerenaWilliams," the magazine announced on Instagram. "The tennis superstar goes unretouched and gets candid in a first-person essay about last year’s controversial match at the US Open — and why she’ll never regret using her voice to speak out against injustice." 

Yes for a tennis star with beauty, brains, and a ton of heart!

Now feast your eyes upon this sultry version of Harper's Bazaar.

Yes, Serena Williams posed on the cover of the August 2019 issue of Harper's Bazaar wearing nothing but a golden cape and some matching red bottoms. She served us voluminous hair, delectable melanin, BOOTY, legs, shoes, and av cape. Everything about this magazine cover is perfect. Can we just talk about how a cape is beyond appropriate for Williams, a literal champion and a superhero to so many? 

However, fans aren't just swooning over how beautiful Williams looks. They're also moved by the powerful words she shared about her experiences with racism, sexism, and body-shaming. 

People cannot stop circulating her most touching quotes. "We are not allowed to have emotions, we are not allowed to be passionate. We are told to sit down and be quiet, which frankly is just not something I’m OK with," Williams wrote about her experience being penalized for speaking out against an umpire in 2018. The incident she referred to was the 2018 US Open, when the umpire accused her of cheating by taking signals from her coach in the stands. Williams had a very visceral reaction and was adamant that he was wrong. 

Williams also noted the difference between how men and women are treated when they have negative reactions during a tennis match.

"...when men fight back against the referees, they’re met with a smile or even a laugh from the umpire, as if they’re sharing an inside joke. I’m not asking to avoid being penalized. I am asking to be treated the same way as everyone else. Sadly, that’s simply not the world we currently live in,” she wrote. 

Fans are in awe of how brilliantly Williams was able to recount her personal and professional wins and losses. 

“I’ve been called every name in the book. I’ve been shamed because of my body shape. I’ve been paid unequally because of my sex. I’ve been penalized a game in the final ....‘Maybe, just maybe, my voice will help her," Williams wrote. One fan reshared this quote as encouragement for others on her Twitter timeline. 

Williams is such a class act for both the magazine cover and her heartfelt essay.

"I’m proud to use my voice and words to share an essay on the raw feelings I had during a match we may all remember," she noted on Instagram. 

She elaborated more on speaking up for herself in the essay. "Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve felt a need to voice my opinion and be heard," Williams wrote. "Some may not like it, and to be honest, that’s their prerogative. I respect it. Growing up as the youngest of five girls, I learned that I had to fight for everything I wanted. And I won’t ever stop raising my voice against injustice."

Want to see more of Serena Williams for Harper's Bazaar in all her golden glory?

If you're still into snagging hard copies of magazines, then this issue hits stands on July 23. Before you commit the magazine to coffee-table eye candy, read through Williams' essay. It's also a pretty profound piece of writing that women can return to over and over again for encouragement whenever we feel our own emotions are stifled or demonized in the workplace. Sigh. Serena Williams is truly a winner both on and off the tennis court.