Serena Williams, world-renowned tennis player and certified badass, essentially has every fashion designer and lavish brand at her fingertips. The 23-time Grand Slam champion (NBD) is typically spotted with at least one trendy designer accessory — like those Valentino sneakers she wore at the royal wedding, or her trusty MCM tote. 

But just because she can afford luxury doesn't mean she can't appreciate a good deal. Being the ever-relatable queen that she is, she spilled her favorite place to shop for swimwear: TARGET.

Yes, you read that right. Serena Williams spoke to InStyle about some of her shopping habits and revealed she routinely buys her swimsuits at Target.

"Target's swimsuits are cool and fit me great," Williams said.

Pro-tip: she shops at night, when nobody else is there. GENIUS.

"I love to shop there late at night," she said. "No one is ever in the store then, so you can have as much fun as you want."

Her current fave is this strappy-side black one piece — and it's only $40!

The Target suit ($39.99) features a plunging V-neck, a deep scooped back, and a caged detailing down each side.

And according to the reviews on, Serena was on point with her comment: it really does fit like a dream.

Because regardless of how much money you have, FIT IS EVERYTHING. 

Aside from, you know, price.

Oh, and there's even a similar swimsuit available in plus sizes for only $34.99!

This Target suit ($34.99) comes in sizes 14W to 26W

This isn't the first time Serena's praised the wonders of Target swimwear either, BTW.

Last June, Williams showed off her baby bump while wearing a $29 patriotic swimsuit from Target as well! Sadly, that swimsuit is no longer available. But it's definitely awesome that she's true to her word.

Serena is our bargain-conscious queen!

photo: NBC

BRB, going to Target.