Fashion nostalgia has just reached its pinnacle: Steve Madden is officially re-releasing their most '90s shoe ever — the Slinky sandal, a.k.a. the stretchy platform shoe every teenage girl wore OUT in high school.

Talk about a time capsule.

At first we were like...

photo: Giphy

But now we're kind of here for this?

The 2017 Slinky slide, currently on pre-order for $70 (Steve Madden) has a flatform sole and stretchy elastic band across the upper. The toe is a little more rounded, but otherwise, this is 100% the same shoe you remember thwacking down the halls in.

Want some extra height? Want an odd tan line across your foot all summer? Want to run in an awkward fashion? Good ol' Slinky has got you covered like it's 1997.

No shade to Slinks, but there are so many OTHER ways Steve could have updated this '90s icon for 2017. It could have a GPS that would tell you where the closest Chipotle is, or be Wifi enabled so you know when your favorite Netflix show is out. But alas, 2017 Slinky is the same as '90s Slinky. Hey, at least we're all one step further away from sweaty feet this summer. 

You can pre-order the 2017 Slinky sandal right now, and expect to get them in early July.

They're only available on the Steve Madden website for now, and while $70 isn't exactly cheap for nostalgic slides, can you REALLY put a price on your youth?