suitstudio naked campaign
photo: Suitstudio

Since, well, the beginning of time, women have been the accessories of most ad campaigns. If they're the focal point of a campaign, then they're objectified beyond belief. But women's suiting brand Suitstudio challenges those perspectives with its latest campaign. 

Suitstudio's latest campaign features naked men next to suited women, and throws traditional ads on their heads in the process.

Suitstudio, which is an offshoot of the menswear brand Suitsupply, delivers a "paradox of powerful and playful" approach to women's suits, according to its website. It also asserts that "we specialize in suits, but we’re not dressing men." *drops mic* 

Most importantly, IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME. There are countless examples of scantily clad women acting as accessories to suited men in ad campaigns. It's interesting to see the concept turned on its head! 

In the campaign, the models are chilling around a penthouse apartment in NYC like a #boss.

There are fancy couches. There are ~luxurious~ blankets. There's a killer skyline. And, also, a lot of butts. What's distinct is how the models are depicted. The male models' faces are cropped out, leaving their bodies mostly in the picture, while the female models are front and center, looking badass in their designer suits. 

It's great to see a brand take such a bold and fearless approach to fashion.

Women deserve to be represented in a variety of ways in ad campaigns. It's tiring to see the submissive roles constantly placed on women in advertisements. Hopefully, this will encourage more brands to be more radical in their campaigns, but in a pivotal way.