taylor swift red carpet
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With her latest album, Taylor Swift has proved that she's REALLY good at trolling herself. Now, she's trying to make BANK off of it with a *very* specific blouse.

Taylor Swift's new "Reputation" merch includes an official TS-branded shirt based on a sweater that she once accidentally wore backward.

As Buzzfeed first reported, in 2014 Swift (aka "The Old Taylor") wore a red cutout sweater backward to a basketball game. Although PLENTY of celebrities have worn their clothes backward (Angelina Jolie anyone?) Twitter definitely had a lot of feelings about it. 

The "Reputation" version features the same "wrong" cutout with a "rep" patch across the throat. This one is, presumably, designed to be worn the "wrong" way.

...But then that would make it the "right" way. Is Taylor changing how we wear clothes now?

I pray that the "rep" patch is removable, but Swifties might appreciate it! Also, those living in New York City can see this shirt, along with the other hipster merch, at her pop-up shop from November 12-16th. 

Whatever your feelings about Swift, you can't help be impressed that she took that shade, and turned it into $$$$.

Turning lemons into millions for sure.

If there's an army of Swifties, at least they'll all be stylish — even if they are wearing their shirts the wrong way around.

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Visit Taylor Swift's site to check out the merch!