taylor swift red carpet
photo: Danny Moloshok/Reuters

Many of Taylor Swift's songs are inspired by her past baes — and now her merch is, too.

To accompany her "Look What You Made Me Do" video, Swift dropped tongue-in-cheek "I love TS" crop tops. Yeah, just like the one that former boyfriend Tom Hiddleston famously wore back in the Hiddleswift days.

Oh, man.

You, too, can now mock Tom Hiddleston with this "I heart TS" crop top.

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Swift's backup dancers wore the top in her "Look What You Made Me Do" video, so clearly she's in on the joke. 

The shirt is definitely a step up from Hiddleston's, though. It's all black, so definitely good for fall, and it also features an embroidered heart design. Who knew that Tom Hiddleston would become a style icon for millennial Swift fans?? 

Available up to an XXL. 

Embroidered crop tee ($50, Taylor Swift Store

I hope this means Swift will drop merch from other looks she wore in the video.

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Like the red V-neck dress that gave Swift some *edge.*

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This head-to-toe orange number also made me want to shop Swift's closet.

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I could do without the zombie look, though.

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Will Swift drop more T-shirts? Will there be snakes? Will she give her fans diamonds? We'll just have to wait and see. 

Check out the video here: