What is with this endless desire to make Crocs happen? First there was the original pair of hideous, but comfortable Crocs. Then there was Balenciaga's sky-high platform Crocs. Then Crocs said "well, hell, let's create our own Crocs heels!" and sold out instantly. 

Now, Crocs stilettos exist because we truly live in ridiculous times, ladies and gentlemen.

If you're into overpriced, gaudy plastic shoes full of holes, I present to you: Crocs stilettos!

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It's not entirely clear yet when or if these childish Barbie-esque heels will be available for sale, but if so, knowing Balenciaga, they'll be close to $1,000.

It's also unclear whether or not this is an actual collaboration with Crocs, or if Balenciaga's creative director, Demna Gvasalia, just took inspiration from the sensible, waterproof shoe.

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Either way, this isn't the French fashion house's first rodeo with Crocs.

Remember these bad boys?

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Yeah, they were a casual $850. For bedazzled foam ankle-breakers. Hard pass.

The new ones are Barbie pink with bedazzled pins and brooches attached to them. They're very elementary school-esque.

They look slightly more wearable than those ridiculous platforms, but we still can't decide if Balenciaga is just having a blast trolling us or not.

There's no more information on the Crocs stiletto heels yet, other than the fact that they exist.

But honestly, that's about as much information as we can process right now.

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Meanwhile, Crocs dropped their own pair of heels this week that went viral and immediately sold out.

In other words, nothing makes sense anymore. I'm going to take a nap.