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And Stefano didn't stop, calling even mild media criticism of his body shaming-statements "idiocy."

stefano gabbana thin and gorgeous
photo: Stefano Gabbana / Instagram

Gabbana called out coverage from Footwear News, Refinery29 and Yahoo, writing, "When idiocy distorts reality!!! incredibile [sic]!!!! Next time we'll write LOVE TO BE FAT AND FULL OF CHOLESTEROL, the most stupid post ever!"

Many fans took him to task for his behavior; they reminded the designer that the fashion world (and the glorification of thin bodies over all others) can REALLY influence people's self-esteem — and he responded in increasingly petty and angry ways.

A sampling of the public comments being posted from Stefano's Instagram account right now include:

"u r a bitch full of shit...." (in response to a commenter who wrote, "It's funny how you support underweight models yet make fun of plus size??")

and "Just envy dear ENVY and fuck off."

You may think that calling people names and quadrupling down on body-shaming statements would be enough — but no. Stefano then filmed and posted a series of bizarre workout videos, which he titled, "FAT AND FULL OF CHOLESTEROL."

Here's another that he called, "THIN AND GORGEOUS."


It goes without saying that behavior like this is NOT OK — and has ramifications far beyond Stefano himself.

stefano gabbana fat shaming
photo: Stefano Gabbana / Instagram

Fashion has always had the potential to be an agent of major social and political change. With more and more designers seeing the importance of diverse runways and ad campaigns, it's so disappointing to see Gabbana HIMSELF going out of his way to defend such archaic beliefs about the way bodies "should" be.

Stefano using his sizable social platform to equate thinness to beauty and fatness to being unhealthy is absurd — likewise calling the media (and your customers!) hateful names.

These are the publications that cover D&G's collections, and the people who buy Dolce & Gabbana clothing, accessories, fragrances, and beauty products. With #BoycottDolceGabbana gaining steam on Twitter, it's only a matter of time before this hits the brand — not just Stefano himself — square in the wallet.