Another day, another guy who has no clue. Tinder user Thea Chippendale encountered a guy on the dating app who thought it made sense to message her with a critique of an ASOS dress she wore in one of her profile photos. He doesn't know her, and she didn't message him to ask him what he thought of her look. Still, the guy found it appropriate to inform her that he was not pleased with her outfit selection, as if satisfying his gaze is her priority. 

Thankfully, ASOS had the classiest clapback ever!

Chippendale shared the Tinder experience with her Twitter followers with a simple statement: "Men are trash." 

"Not gonna lie. You’re a bit of a joke but that dress in the last photo is not doing any favors. Hope this helps," the scumbag wrote, complete with a thumbs-up emoji. 

"Excuse me?" she replied. "You heard," he wrote back to confirm his ignorance. 

When Chippendale asked him why he felt compelled to insert his unwarranted opinion, he had an even more disgusting response. 

photo: CBS

“Why did you feel like you needed to comment on it? Is your head that far up your own arse that you thought your opinion mattered?” she asked him. 

“Literally had to tell you [or] else I wouldn’t of slept. It’s awful you not reckon? Charity shop job. I tell you what… GROW UP! And shop somewhere decent! Thanks.”


Twitter immediately swarmed Chippendale with support. 

"Well I think you look stunning and everyone knows validation off another female is worth 100x more than a Male," one fan wrote.

Dang skippy! Who cares what some entitled Tinder smut thinks about her dress anyway? It's a shame that this era of social media culture even emboldens people to believe they can address people in such a manner. How gross.

Plenty of people wanted Chippendale to know that the guy was only trying to project.

" 'GROW UP' he says to a woman who is clearly confident and self-assured. A thinly veiled attempt at compensating for his own issues with self image and status. Sad," one Twitter user wrote. 

That's usually how it goes. Society has long been told that women exist only for their visual and physical pleasure. Pair that with the fact that people often spew negative comments when they feel negative about themselves, and that's a recipe for terrible online interactions like the one Chippendale experienced.

Nevertheless, Twitter wanted Chippendale to know that it's absolutely smitten by her dress.

People also wanted tea on the design. "Where did you get that dress though?" one person wrote to Chippendale along with a GIF that reads, "I need it." 

"It's from ASOS babe," Chippendale wrote to confirm. Oh, but of course it is! 

In one strangely cool turn of events, ASOS got wind of the exchange and hit Chippendale up. 

"Here’s to finding our perfect match. Thea babe, let's talk. Check your DMs," the brand wrote to her underneath the thread. 

Yesss! It's so beautiful to see a moment that a guy took to try to bring a woman down transformed into this. ASOS, you totally did that!

People encouraged ASOS to stay in contact with Chippendale and let the retailer know it would be worth it.

"Pleeeeease ASOS. Hook this gorgeous babe up with some merchandise!! That dress looks banging on her. I’m about to order myself one," a person wrote to the retailer. 

"Doesn't it?! We're on it," ASOS tweeted back. 

But ASOS did way more than just ship out a clothing package in the mail. 

"@Theachippendale Swipe right to see who had the last laugh," ASOS wrote along with a video of their newest model! 

That's right! ASOS added the picture of Chippendale wearing the dress to its product photo roundup! How sweet is that?

Now, when anyone shops the ASOS DESIGN premium lace midi dress ($119, ASOS), they'll see Thea Chippendale posted up and looking like a bag of money!

photo: ASOS

Just call her a whole model now. By the way, the dress is now labeled as "selling fast" on the ASOS website, so it looks like Tinder hottie turned model Thea Chippendale is one profitable commercial model. Take that Tinder Scumbag!

Moral of the story: Male entitlement is trash. Thea Chippendale and her bomb pink dress are totally NOT. 

photo: CBS

How many times have women been forced to deal with men they do and do not know who try to police what they choose to wear and how they wear it? The entitlement assumes that women are supposed to dress to please men and that any man can speak out if he doesn't approve of a look. That is trash thinking.

Kudos to ASOS for lifting this woman higher, even as a clearly fragile man tried to bring her down.