Racial and size diversity has improved over the last few years in fashion, but for those with disabilities, representation is still greatly lacking.

Now with Tommy Hilfiger's new inclusive fashion collection, EVERY shopper can get the look they want.

Tommy Hilfiger's new "adaptive" clothing line centers on the dressing needs of those within the disabled community.

Finding clothing that can simply be put on isn't always easy, making this line even more vital. The collection is a follow-up to the Spring 2016 children's line which also featured adaptable items, according to Bloomberg. Now the brand is taking the kid's line and expanding it to men and women! Think shirts with magnetic buttons, one-handed zippers, and hems that easily open. 

The items are available up to a size 16, and still have that signature Tommy Hilfiger aesthetic.

Think red, white, and blue staple pieces that are both stylish and functional. It's important for shoppers of all walks of life to be able to express their personal style! Especially with the '90s having a resurgence, it's great that everyone can stay up to trend without sacrificing functionality. 

The downside is is that the items aren't cheap.

The collection starts at $29.50 for a T-shirt and goes up to $129.50 for a coat. Although, since Tommy Hilfiger is known for high-quality items, it might be worth it to consider these investment pieces. Hopefully in the future there's a way to combine both functionality and affordability! 

Here are a few highlights from the collection. There's this logo T-shirt with magnetic closures on the shoulders.

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Available up to a size XL. 

Signature T-shirt ($29.50, Tommy

You can't go wrong with a classic denim skirt.

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Available up to a size 14. 

Denim skirt ($59.50, Tommy

The skirt also has a magnetic fly and Velcro closures!

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Denim skirt ($59.50, Tommy

The collection also has this striped shift dress that you can wear with basically anything.

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Stripe shirt dress ($89.50, Tommy)  

Like the T-shirts, this dress has magnetic closures on the shoulders too.

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Stripe shift dress ($89.50, Tommy

The collection has outerwear too! This bomber jacket has hidden magnetic closures to easily put on or take off.

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Available for preorder. 

Signature bomber jacket ($89.50, Tommy

You can also easily zip this puffer vest with one hand thanks to the magnet at the bottom of the zipper pull.

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Down puffer vest ($99.50, Tommy)

It's great to see a major brand embracing and prioritizing the needs of an underserved community!

photo: Giphy

The pieces are very cute, and I can't wait to see what else the brand creates. Visit Tommy Hilfiger to see more of the collection!