photo: Topshop

Unless you were living under a rock in 2017, you know that "fake news" is now an unavoidable topic. So Topshop has decided to make that polarizing term fashionable by slapping it on an item everyone loves: JEANS. 

With the phrase "fake news" running down the pant legs, the jeans are definitely a tongue-in-cheek approach to a horrendous year. 

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Available up to a size 34 x 34. 

Fake News jeans ($90, Topshop

Think of it this way: It's 2060, and your grandchildren want to borrow an item from their millennial grandma's wardrobe to recreate a signature mid-2000s look. They pull out these "fake news" jeans, and then you can reminiscence about a time when the only way to cope with current events was to, well, wear them. 

Surprisingly, these jeans have been a hit — several sizes are currently selling out! 

Some sizes are still available, but most are already sold out. 2018 is already shaping up to be an odd year. 

Thanks to a Twitter moment, users all over got to hear about this new style trend, and they had a lot of opinions about these jeans.

Some wished that these jeans were only a dream. 

Others had VERY interesting styling choices. 

I can't. 

Although $90 seems like a lot to pay for plain jeans that just say "fake news," they'll definitely make an unforgettable statement.

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