topshop halpern
photo: Topshop

What happens when you combine Topshop's accessible glamour with emerging designer Michael Halpern, who Vogue dubbed the new Sultan of Sequins in 2017? Magic. Pure magic.

The two British powerhouses joined forces to create a holiday collection for the books. According to Halpern, the collection is inspired by "the glamour of the 1970s and those powerful women in resistance." And with just a glance, it definitely gives off some fabulous disco vibes. From sequins and leopard print to velvet and bold colors, this 28-piece collection is the only thing you'll want to wear this holiday season.

Everything in the collection retails for under $250 and it's available as of right now. Mix and match the separates or go full-out Studio 54 with a one-piece. Either way, you'll definitely look glamorous.

Shop some of our favorite pieces below or head to to view the entire 28-piece collection.

Sequin Asymmetric Dress ($250)

Blue Cheetah Bodysuit ($65)

Snake Sequin Trousers ($140)

Striped Sequin Bodysuit ($140)

Sequin Dress ($250)

Pink Cheetah Bodysuit ($65)

Camouflage Sequin Trousers ($150)

Hologram Sequin Jumpsuit ($250)

Cheetah Sequin Jumpsuit ($250)

Hologram Sequin Trousers ($150)

Bright Pink Bodysuit ($90)

Marble and Snake Printed Top ($90)

Cheetah Sequin Skirt ($125)