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In January 2018, Yaya DaCosta recalled the moment as she defended another Black woman experiencing anti-Blackness on reality TV: Amara La Negra.

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"It took a lot of work to heal from that experience, and looking back, I feel so much for that eager, vulnerable young version of myself," DaCosta recalled. 

"@amaralanegraaln I truly applaud your strength. As another brown-skinned, curly-headed woman with African roots and Latin branches, I stand with you. Yes, we are all human, but the myth that we live in a post-racial society is a falsehood and, frankly, a dangerous state of denial."

"May all little girls and boys everywhere feel safe and may they trust that their experiences are valid."

Other Twitter users also called out the hypocrisy of Tyra Banks' celebrating "African-ness" for a fictional Marvel film but not IRL.

Fans are calling for an apology from Tyra Banks and for her to acknowledge the many harmful messages she allowed to be shared with not only "ANTM" contestants, but also the viewers.

"America's Next Top Model" may have gotten a television reboot, but the damage buried in its past is still quite fresh.

Let's hope Tyra Banks turns it all around soon.

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