valfre she-devil collection
photo: Valfré

If you're not one for sappy love declarations or cheesy Valentine's Day clothing, we've got a clothing collection for you. L.A.-based brand Valfré launched an anti-romance line for Valentine's Day that will help you bring out your devilish side instead.

Dubbed the She-Devil Collection, each of the dozen pieces "delivers the hella cute red hearts you want for V-Day with attitude." Or, in other words, forget the super-sweet, lovey-dovey look and get ready to embrace your sassy inner she-devil. There are tees, hoodies, and jackets, all available in sizes S to XXL, and accessories that will surely ward off all the creeps. Shop Valfré's latest drop below.

The Maneater Hoodie ($72, Valfré)

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Men are dumb; chew them up and spit them out in this super-soft black hoodie, which features original Valfré Lucy artwork on the back, a cropped fit, and flames up the sleeves.

The Romance Is Dead Jacket ($88, Valfré)

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If the Pink Ladies were cynics, they'd wear this pink corduroy jacket featuring the embroidered text "Romance Is Dead" on the back. 

Oh, and here's what the front of the Romance Is Dead Jacket ($88, Valfré) looks like.

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It features a vegan black fur collar, embroidered broken hearts, and pink satin lining.

The Break-Up Beret ($32, Valfré)

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Nothing breaks hearts quite like this black wool beret. This hat features an embroidered red heart, safety pin, and cozy vegan leather lining around the edge.

The Madeline Backpack ($68, Valfré)

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Never have I wanted a backpack as much as I want this red corduroy one with heart buckles, magnetic closures, adjustable straps, canvas lining, and a zipper pouch inside.

Roses Are Red Top ($48, Valfré)

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Sometimes you have to tell it like it is, like with a poem on your shirt that reads, "Roses are red, violets are blue, you are garbage."

Hotter Than Hell Thermos ($24, Valfré)

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This black thermos features original Valfré Lucy artwork and will keep your drink "hotter than hell." Get it?

Hella Cute Top ($42, Valfré)

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When you're feeling yourself, throw on this "hella cute" mustard tee featuring original Lucy artwork by Valfré and strut your stuff. 

Matilda Pants ($68, Valfré)

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These red corduroy pants feature heart-shaped back pockets, a cropped fit, and a high waist. They'll pair perfectly with any of the sassy tops in this collection.

Go To Hell Top ($48, Valfré)

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Tell everyone how you really feel about Valentine's Day with this black, cropped, long-sleeve top, which features a fuzzy red chenille patch that says "Go 2 Hel," a high neck, and lettuce cut. 

Go To Hell Pin ($12, Valfré)

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Sometimes you need to say things twice to really get the point across. Add this pin to really complete your anti-Valentine's Day look. It may just be small, but it packs a powerful punch.

Hella Cute Pin ($12, Valfré)

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Pin this little heart on your jacket, backpack, purse, or literally anywhere else when you're feeling hella cute and want the world to know. It packs a lot of meaning in just a tiny one-inch package.

Roses Are Red Pin ($12, Valfré)

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Carry your favorite she-devil Lucy, Valfré's cheeky little mascot, with you wherever by pinning the "Roses Are Red" pin to your jacket, backpack, or literally anything else.

You can shop the full Valfré She-Devil Collection over on now.

Prices range from just $12 to $88, and you can literally purchase the entire collection for just a little over $500. Sorry to your wallet in advance!