Frida Kahlo fans, get hyped! The legendary Mexican artist has inspired a few new masterpieces in your sneaker collection, thanks to the Vans brand. That's right, we're getting Frida Kahlo Vans sneakers, and for anyone who's a fan of the iconic painter and poet, Christmas definitely just touched down in July! 

We've seen plenty of retail tributes to Kahlo over the years, including a controversial Barbie doll and a Forever 21 collection. Now we get to turn our feet into walking masterpieces with Vans designs that bear re-creations of her paintings. 

Frida Kahlo is beloved for being much more than an artist; she also represents self-love and freedom.

In a world where unibrows are considered to be unattractive — particularly on women — Kahlo famously filled in her unibrow to enhance it as opposed to hiding it. She immortalized herself countless times with self-portraits that have become some of her most famous art pieces. Of course, that's not where her legacy ends. The way Kahlo celebrated herself, her country, and her culture through art, beauty, and poetry still resonates with people today. 

We've seen hoodies, T-shirts, socks, and dolls. Now Vans is making the summer a little more beautiful and cooler with sneakers that feature Kahlo's artwork, and by default, her likeness.

This high-top design features Kahlo's self-portrait, which focused on emotional duality, called "The Two Fridas."

"Known best for her self-portraits and works inspired by Mexico, the Vault by Vans x Frida Kahlo collection brings a sampling of the artist’s paintings to life on classic Vans silhouettes," the footwear brand confirmed on Instagram. 

This painting is probably one of the most relatable pieces from Kahlo, as she made it shortly after her divorce from husband Diego Rivera. One Frida has a broken heart, while the other has a whole one. How beautiful is this?!

Another huge theme in Kahlo's work is plants and foods from the earth. 

She ADORED nature — especially in her native Mexico — and it showed in her work. This sneaker re-creates Kahlo's "Viva la Vida," which is a still life of watermelons sitting on a table. People believe this was the last or was one of the last paintings she completed during her lifetime. This sneaker design is perfect for Kahlo fans who own enough items with her face on it and want a subtler ode to the artist.

This sneaker features Kahlo's most famous self-portrait ever, arguably.

It's called "Self-Portrait With Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird." This painting once again reflects Kahlo's adoration of self and nature. If you look closely, you can see that her neck is bleeding from the thorn necklace she's wearing, which most fans believe represents the pain she experienced so often. Although Kahlo loved life, she spent the majority of hers in pain. She was diagnosed with polio at 6 years old, and in 1925, suffered a terrible trolley crash. 

"Her spinal column was broken, her left leg smashed, and her right foot crushed," according to CBS News. "An iron handrail pierced her pelvis, perhaps leading to her inability later in life to carry a child." The accident also left her with lots of scarring. In 1953, Kahlo's leg was amputated due to gangrene, and she wore a prosthetic leg until the last year of her life. 

This was the perfect portrait to pull in for this sneaker collection.

Some fans are freaking out over these Frida Kahlo sneakers, understandably.

People are stoked to have yet another item that lets them show off their love for the great painter. "Need and want these badly," one person wrote. Another fan shared, "I'm all over this." However, not everyone is a fan of the retail industry capitalizing off Kahlo's name and works.

Like the Barbie doll before them, these sneakers encountered a little pushback.

Lots of fans believe that all of this Kahlo merch goes completely against the political beliefs she held. "She would have hated this," one fan exclaimed. "She was a staunch communist and pretty sure she would have hated this," another person exclaimed. So, are the claims valid? Pretty much.

A Teen Vogue op-ed broke down exactly why the Frida Kahlo merchandise wouldn't have made her very happy.

"In pieces like 'My Dress Hangs There' and 'Self-Portrait on the Borderline Between Mexico and the United States,' Frida creates a compelling contrast between her vibrant Mexican culture and drab American modernism," the piece reads. "After having lived in the United States for Rivera’s work, she heavily critiqued what she saw as the oppressive nature of American capitalism and imperialism that favored the wealthy and kept down the working class. Just before her death, she attended a protest against U.S. intervention in Guatemala." 

In other words, Kahlo probably wouldn't want to be such a popular figure in the fashion and retail industry. And yet it's hard not to understand why younger people who discovered her long after her death may feel empowered by her existence and her still-powerful art. 

If you want the Vans sneakers, they'll be available on the Vans Vault website and at select Vault retailers on June 29. If you'd like to protest capitalism in the spirit of Kahlo, then feel free to do that as well. Love on her legacy how you see fit.