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Some models wore a version of the Maasai necklaces and matching robes too.

victoria's secret fashion show 2017
photo: Getty Images/Frazer Harrison/Staff

WHAT. IS. HAPPENING. HERE. Victoria's Secret either went for a "tribal" look without caring what "tribe" they were referencing, or they deliberately took these elements and stripped them of their cultural meaning. Either way, it's bad.

It's unclear if any of the models are actually part of the Maasai tribe, but it's definitely not the majority of those that walked the runway.

I'm not exactly sure what message the brand was trying to send here by simply throwing Brown and Black models in tribal looks.

victoria's secret fashion show 2017
photo: Getty Images/Theo Wargo / Staff

The "Let's just throw on some tribal accessories on her because she's Brown or Black" philosophy is tired. 

Victoria's Secret needs to realize that models of color and their cultures aren't interchangeable.

victoria's secret fashion show 2017
photo: Getty Images/Kevin Mazur/Contributor

The models of color represent a range of nationalities, so it's off-putting to simply throw them into tribal necklaces and call it a day.

Although we'll have to wait and see HOW Victoria's Secret plans to portray the segment when the show airs on November 28th, it's currently looking a little grim. Hopefully the brand will stop repurposing exhausted themes and propping their models of color in this way.