So, unless you were living under a rock (or going to bed at an appropriate time), you know the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show aired last night. And though it had the typical crop of wings, bedazzled bras, and top-notch performers, something major did happen: A MODEL FELL. 

Ming Xi even posted about her fall on Instagram following the show. 

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"It was no doubt one of the hardest moments I have ever had to go through in my career, especially since the show was taking place in my hometown, in front of my mother's and my people's eyes," Xi captioned some of the post. "However, the support I received from everyone yesterday was incredible and I am truly grateful to everyone who was there for me." 

Afterward, a fellow model, Gizele Oliveira, helped her up. The other models behind her even sweetly let Xi have her time onstage. Xi also (understandably) got pretty emotional backstage following the fall, although her fellow models consoled her. 

When the show finally aired, Twitter wasn't too happy that Victoria's Secret didn't edit out Xi's fall. 

Apparently, Victoria's Secret does two runs of the show and then edits them later, so many were wondering why the brand decided to keep Xi's fall in the show. 

The same user also noted how Victoria's Secret edited out Ariana Grande almost getting hit by a model's wings back in 2014.

In the past, there has been "lost shoes" and Karlie Kloss' controversial Native American headdress that didn't make the aired version, Fashionista noted. So including Xi's fall was definitely a deliberate choice. 

Regardless, viewers were impressed by Xi's recovery and saw her as an inspiration. 

Despite her fall, Xi still slayed on the runway in front of millions. 

victoria's secret show fall
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It's a huge deal to be cast FIVE TIMES for the biggest runway in the world, so fall or not, Xi is clearly a star. 

XI, WE'RE STILL ROOTING FOR YOU... please come back next year!