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Former First Lady Michelle Obama has been busy traveling the country for her book tour. And while, yes, her memoir Becoming is pretty incredible, her recent wardrobe choices have stirred up almost as much conversation as the book itself.

Exhibit A: This stunning ensemble that Obama stepped out in during a tour stop at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. For the event, she wore head-to-toe Balenciaga, including a floor-length yellow silk wrap dress and the most glorious, most sparkly, most holographic thigh high boots we've ever seen. 

Needless to say, Fashion Twitter totally lost its mind because the world was just not ready for this level of slayage.

Michelle Obama may no longer be in the White House, but she is the forever first lady of our hearts.

As you may have heard, she's been crisscrossing the country for a book tour. Her memoir, Becoming, quickly became a beloved best-seller.

And her book tour fashion has been on point. Look at this expert color blocking! 

And that fringe! Work it, girl.

But all bets were off at Obama's recent appearance at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where she stepped out in — wait for it — sparkly, holographic, thigh high boots! 

And it's safe to say that the Balenciaga boots definitely made a statement.

These have officially changed the game. Everybody else can go home now.

Unsurprisingly, people were trying to come for Obama. But the haters quickly got shut down.

This was an iconic fashion moment that we will never forget.

Is it too late to add these to my Christmas wish list??

I think we have a new pledge of allegiance on our hands.


We love that she's having so much fun with fashion, and we can't wait to see what she stuns in next!