Eleanor Walton just proved she has a super-resourceful girl squad thanks to a wine spill incident on her all-white outfit. She and her friends were attending the Ripon horse race in England when she had the experience we all fear when wearing a beautiful all-white outfit: red wine spilled all over her gorgeous ice-white jumpsuit. However, Walton didn't go home to change or tie a scarf around the stain. Instead, she and her friend Mia Williamson came up with a genius idea that actually involved embracing even more wine spills. 

Surprisingly enough, the solution was utterly genius. 

This is how Walton looked in her jumpsuit before her wine incident.

"New profile pic," she shared on Twitter. Just look at this white design! She looked supercute for the horse race. I understand why she chose to wear the white jumpsuit even knowing that there would be wine at the horse racing event. YOLO, right? Why let the fear of a stain stop us from EVER wearing all white? All-white parties look way too cool to never experience and enjoy at least once. White also literally looks good on everyone. 

Now, here's what happened when wine decided to interrupt the all-white fun.

"So, we’re two hours into the races, and El comes and tells me someone has spilt red wine down her... No problem. Got some more red wine and fixed it and I think we’ve just made a new product to PLTs festival range," Williamson wrote. 

Um, WHAT a before and after! Instead of sulking about the stain and letting it ruin the day, they literally poured more red wine on the jumpsuit in different spots to give it a trendy tie-dye effect. Genius! 

Williamson confirmed that she used about four glasses of red wine to pull off this gorgeous look.

To avoid walking around with soggy clothes all day, she spent a *significant* amount of time underneath the dryer in the bathroom. Again, this is pretty genius. It's also pretty perfect that the watercolor-esque, tie-dye look is on trend this summer. Even if it weren't a popular trend, this jumpsuit still turned out looking FIRE. 

This jumpsuit had all of Twitter STUNNED. 

photo: Twitter/miawilliamson

"You truly deserve a best friend of the year award for that one," one person wrote. "That....is absolute genius," another person shared. "Looks better tbh. Real friend," another fan commented. Several people also shared that they would be using this tip the next time they experience a wine spill on a white outfit. Yes for cool DIY ideas that truly save the day.

By the way, if you were curious about exactly where Walton got this jumpsuit from, then you'll be happy to know that she found it on the Pretty Little Thing website.

The White Scuba High Neck Tie Waist Jumpsuit ($45, Pretty Little Thing) is still available on the website if you're inspired to scoop it up. The jumpsuit is made with scuba fabric, a high neckline with a zipper closure on the back, drop armholes with a tie waistline, and a flared leg fit. If you prefer to avoid the all-white look altogether, then you're still in luck. This pretty design comes in five other colors including red, orange, black, emerald green, and burgundy. Sizes range from 0 to 12 (European sizes). 

Of course, Pretty Little Thing added a little Twitter commentary.

"Safe to say that wasn’t a ‘pour’ decision," Pretty Little Thing joked on Twitter with wine, heart, and clapping emojis. "Pretty Little Thing approval ...life complete," Walton wrote back. Clearly, this DIY fixer-upper made some serious waves. I wouldn't even be surprised if Pretty Little Thing released an official tie-dye version of this jumpsuit. It would certainly be smart. It would also be nice if they included Walton and Williamson in the marketing.

That's free game, Pretty Little Thing.

Moral of the story?

photo: Giphy

 There are a few, actually. Friends are valuable and so is wine. You *can* wear all white and survive it even if the clothes don't. Fast-fashion outfits can look just as good as designer labels. Tie-dye will never actually die. Just pick one!