Kanye West debuted season 5 of his Yeezy line at New York Fashion Week, and this time it wasn't a horrible disaster.

I know you're laughing, but seriously — his show was perfect. Absolutely insane, but perfect. Here's every detail, every Kardashian in the audience, every song, and every look from Yeezy season 5.

The invitation — which arrived the day of the show — was a Yeezy sweatshirt featuring a famous LA landmark.

Editors and Kardashian friends recieved either a "Lost Hills" or "Mulholland Drive" variant, along with a custom zine. I assume mine just got lost in the mail, Kanye.

There was a rumor going around that S5 would include a Kanye x Drake collab — so the world was low-key freaking out.

Editors and invited fashion insiders made their way to Pier 59 Studios in NYC, and stepped into a coffin.

Seriously. Once they made it past the CONSIDERABLE security, they entered a pitch-black space, with black curtains draped everywhere, and a massive black pillar in the center of the room. It was apparently SO dark that it was nearly impossible to find seat assignments.

How dark was it? It was SO dark that Vogue's Anna Wintour didn't even have to wear her signature sunglasses.


Kim was there, wearing an all-burgundy Yeezy sweatsuit, and her coat inexplicably draped around her shoulders.

kim kardashian yeezy
photo: Splash News

Kim kannot koat.

Kylie Jenner and boyfriend Tyga showed up a few minutes after the show started, which, rude.

kylie jenner yeezy season 5
photo: Splash News

People showing up late to shows sucks enough, but when the venue is a pitch black hotbox, it sucks even more. Be on time, Kylie!

But where was Kendall? Walking in Anna Sui's show — which was scheduled at the same time as Yeezy — of course.

kendall jenner anna sui
photo: Getty Images

Womp womp.

So OK, everyone is sitting in the dark, waiting for the Yeezus magic to begin. But then, literally moments before the show was going to start, Kanye did something shocking.

According to E! News, West kicked out the media. YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT. Per the report:

"The rapper-designer kicked out all credentialed press moments before the presentation was set to begin on Wednesday afternoon, E! News confirms. Additionally, attendees were not allowed to take photos, video and post on social media, though details and snapshots did make it online."
This is why there were no super-glossy runway photos of the collection today; Kayne blacklisted the press. DAMN.

But despite everything, the show began. Though anyone expecting a traditional runway show was surprised — that massive black pillar? It was actually a video screen, showing 360 degree footage of each model.

Model Amina Blue describes it as "A spinning stage that us models stood on, and then we were projected onto a screen so people could get a clear view of the outfits. We basically had to step onto a round stage that moved. Once we rotated around, a camera followed us and then we walked off."

Once all of the models had gotten the 360 camera treatment, there was an actual runway finale.

The song — which was the soundtrack to the entire event — was a remix of J. Holiday's "Bed," performed by The Dream. Just in case you're curious. I was.

Then everyone waited for Kanye to come out and take a bow. Nope; West would not be appearing at his own show. Kim Kardashian got up and bopped out before anyone else.

Season 5 was over.

But Kanye WAS there; he was just hanging out backstage with his friends and collaborators.

No bows. Bows are for basics.

Kim was proud of him...

And Kendall brought McDonalds to celebrate his triumph...

And MILLIONS of sneakerheads drowned in their own saliva as they fell in love with the new Yeezys.

These orthopedic Transformer shoes are rumored to be called the Yeezy 700 Runner.

Here's every single outfit Kanye sent down the runway, and am I hallucinating, or is this KINDA REALLY GOOD?

kanye yeezy season 5
photo: YEEZY


I can totally see every rich hypey bro in New York carrying those huge bags this fall.

yeezy season 5
photo: YEEZY

I can see every Kardashian-Jenner in these outfits, tbh.

yeezy season 5
photo: YEEZY

And of course, that's the fashion gold medal.

I've never wanted to wear a burgundy sweatshirt over a wetsuit, but Kanye makes it look so cool!

kanye yeezy season 5
photo: YEEZY

Carine Roitfeld styled this show, so, thanks CR!

This is a solid collection, presented in a non-insufferable way, full of clothes that West's fans will actually want to wear.

yeezy season 5
photo: YEEZY

Well done, Kanye. You've atoned for the disaster that was season 4.