Elizabeth Warren is campaigning for president on a platform of "big structural change," but a newly unearthed photo of the Massachusetts senator proves that sometimes the tried-and-true method is best — especially when it comes to well-fitting jeans. A photo of young Elizabeth Warren is circulating on Twitter, and folks are taking note of her stylish high-waisted jeans. This photo may have been taken in 1979, but Warren's outfit would look perfect on today's campaign trail. The jeans, the hairstyle, the button-down top: It's an outfit that can truly bridge the partisan divide. But don't worry, we've got your covered in case you want to steal her look, like Wall Street stole from hardworking Americans during the recession!


As HuffPost reports, writer Summer Brennan was the first to share this image of Warren in her high-waisted jeans.

"I’m so sorry I know this is so irrelevant and probably counterproductive but can we discuss the bangin’ denim choices of @ewarren circa 1979? I want these jeans," wrote Brennan on Twitter, mirroring everyone's feelings. Young Warren's jeans are perfect.


Seriously though, Warren's entire outfit is pure fire.

Excuse me, those high-waisted jeans? Her airy plaid top with a tiny collar? An on-trend barrette tucking her hair to the side? Warren looks like she's stepped out of the Instagram accounts of Molly and Reese Blutstein. The fact that she's holding wildflowers makes this even more precious.


What was Warren up to in 1979?

1979 was a huge year for Warren's career. After law school, she lectured at the University of Houston Law Center. She was deep in the middle of a study on American families who declare bankruptcy — and the results of her work were so profound, they changed her from a lifelong Republican to a Democrat with a focus on economic inequities. As Vanity Fair wrote in 2011:

The vast majority of those in bankruptcy courts, she discovered, were from hardworking middle-class families, people who lost jobs or had “family breakups” or illnesses that wiped out their savings. “It changed my vision,” she said.


If you want to score Warren's vintage normcore anti-corruption look, start with high-waisted jeans in a dark wash with minimal whiskering.

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For a top that truly says "we must break up corporate monopolies," check out this plain button-down with small collar lapels and trust-busting buttons.

Nothing means business like a crisp, comfortable off-white blouse (just ask Warren in 1979 or Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson). This silk top from Farrow ($118, NeedSupply.com) will keep you cool and collected while you grill the Wells Fargo CEO on the Senate Banking Committee panel.