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Honestly, it's time to call these confusing, restrictive school dress codes exactly what they are: sexist bullshit.

Schools have the right to establish whatever dress code they like for their students. The issue is when it becomes less about maintaining an educational atmosphere, and more about stopping girls from "distracting" male students with their skin.

This isn't just a school issue — too often women are held responsible for the behavior of men. If teenage boys can't focus in class, it must be because girls are dressed inappropriately. Instead of reprimanding the young men who are objectifying their peers, it's the girls who are punished.

And they DO get punished. Girls have been kicked out of class for wearing "distracting" crew neck T-shirts. Their skirt lengths have to be measured before they go to school. They're not allowed to go to prom if their dresses have low backs. But despite all that, MALE students continue to objectify, harass, and even sexually abuse their female peers.

Almost seems like what women wear isn't the issue.

If schools really value *all* their students, they'll stop disrupting girls' educations over the width of their tank top straps. This slut-shaming nonsense has got to stop.