On the blessed day of June 28, Zendaya stepped out in a hot pink gown with a train so long it could've doubled as a cape. That would be useful — she's starring in the new "Spider-Man: Homecoming" movie, so NATURALLY she deserves a superhero fashion cape of her own.

And although it's unknown if her character will have powers in the film, Zendaya's red carpet-slaying skills are definitely superhuman — and she's brought them to. Every. Single. Spider-Man premiere.


She knocked it out of the PARK in this baby blue ruffled lewk.

zendaya red carpet
photo: Fotonoticias / Contributor

Like with the pink gown, Zendaya matched her heels to her dress.


Are her sleeves shaped like petals? Yes, yes, they are.

zendaya red carpet
photo: J. Webber / Splash News

Hear that, Miranda Priestley? Sometimes florals CAN be groundbreaking.


She kept the floral trend going by wearing not one, not two, but THREE blooming roses on a blazer.

zendaya red carpet
photo: Robin Marchant / Contributor

Brb going to Michael's to try this out. 


Although most people would look like a bumblebee princess in a tutu and striped sweater, Zendaya isn't afraid to mix and match.

zendaya red carpet
photo: David M. Benett / Contributor

And the girl can ROCK stripes... your fave could never.

zendaya red carpet
photo: Rob Kim / Getty Images

I'd look like Waldo, but she is nailing it.


And when Zendaya stopped by "The Tonight Show," she slayed AGAIN in layered neutrals.

zendaya red carpet
photo: Theo Wargo / Staff

There really is nothing that this girl can't wear. 


Queen Z even wore a shirt with swans paired with muted green pants. GREEN PANTS.

zendaya red carpet
photo: Robert Marquardt / Stringer

Do you realize how hard it is to pull of wide-leg green pants? And Zendaya accomplished it flawlessly. My goodness. 

Although this press tour won't last forever, we hope Zendaya keeps giving us style goals with her future red carpet looks. We're in fashion love.