At this point in summer, we're all trying to wear as little as possible when we go outside. And our current summer style hero? Ariel Winter. The teen star wore denim short shorts and an amazing cut-out bathing suit to a celebrity event — and the internet was SO here for it.

Why? Because in one single outfit, Winter effortlessly slayed summer red carpet style and promoted body positivity like a boss. Check it out.

The 18-year-old "Modern Family" star attended the Just Jared Summer Bash in this amazing olive swimsuit, denim naked-shorts, and nude pumps.

ariel winter short shorts
photo: Instagram / Ariel Winter

When it comes to summer fashion, women are always under a microscope. Shorts always seem to be "a little too short" and swimsuits reveal "a bit too much." But Winter — who has experienced a LOT of public body-shaming — didn't let that nonsense stop her from wearing exactly what she wanted.

And she looked AMAZING.

ariel winter swimsuit
photo: Instagram/@celebricity_

Women should be able to dress for the weather and their comfort level — not adhere to outdated ideas about what they "should" wear.

But this isn't the first time that Winter has been our shortspiration.

"We live in a day and age where it is impossible for women to embrace themselves exactly as they are," Winter said, as she embarked on her summer of shorts.

ariel winter shorts
photo: Instagram/@stayelegant

"Diversity is sexy. Confidence is sexy. Celebrate yourself; celebrate others!" she said.

In a world where curvy girls are told to avoid showing "too much" skin, she's been rocking naked shorts all summer long.

ariel winter shorts
photo: Instagram/@arielwinter

Because #fuckflattering — if you feel awesome in booty shorts, you wear the booty shorts!

Seriously, look at this super-cute romper!

ariel winter shorts
photo: Instagram/@arielwinter

Zero shame. 

Everyone should be able to wear exactly what they want — and Ariel proves that.

ariel winter bikini
photo: Instagram/@arielwinter

She proudly shares bikini selfies in which she clearly feels amazing about herself.

And the internet is thanking her for it.

Keep it up, Ariel! We love you!

We look forward to witnessing your many years of stylistic slayage to come.