One day, in the depths of an Instagram brainstorming session, the top influencers imagined a pose inspired by one of the most OG Disney characters ever — the Bambi pose.

Like Bambi, the aim of this pose is to look like a baby deer — sitting on the ground and folding your legs underneath your body. But if you really want to pose like an Instagram star, you gotta also make it sexy.

Here's how to Bambi-pose with the best of them.

Here's an example of a simple Bambi pose. The pink flamingo is a nice touch, but not a requirement.

You'll look cooler Bambi-posing if you're by a body of water. A supporting Bambi poser can help.

Or go solo and ponder the amount of other Bambi-ers in the universe.

Sports Illustrated LOVES the Bambi pose. Here's Ashley Graham doing it for the cover...

And then again in her spread...

But then Graham passed the Bambi posing torch on to Hunter McGrady.

Selena Gomez Bambi-ed on the cover of W Magazine.

Kylie Jenner also loves the Bambi pose. Here she is by the pool...

And on her carpet. This can't be easy to do in pointy-toed boots.

Sometimes you don't want to Bambi alone, so you enlist your model friend for backup.

And sometimes you make your whole squad into baby deer.

And the most sacred Bambi pose of all: Beyoncé and her twins. #Bless

All praise for our new Insta-pose inspiration.

photo: Giphy

Who knew Bambi was so cool?