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The holidays are here! If you have a Disney-obsessed friend who just can't get enough Belle in their life, pull up a chair and be my guest — here are 17 gifts that will have ANY Beauty (or Beast) living their best fairy tale life this holiday season.

Happy shopping!


This Balle-inspired bath bomb is filled with enchanted rose petals.

etsy bath bomb
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This personalized "Beauty and the Beast" word art is magic.

beauty and the best word art
photo: Etsy

A customized Belle ornament to hang from the tree!

etsy belle ornament custom
photo: Etsy

Beautiful Belle earrings, because too much is never enough.

belle earrings etsy
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For the Disney lover who loves coffee, and Belle, and Belle loving coffee:

etsy belle mug
photo: Etsy

For the Beauty who loves wine like a Beast.

etsy wine glass
photo: Etsy

An enchanted rose necklace, for a subtle hint of magic:

etsy rose necklace
photo: Etsy

This ornament tells a tale as old as time...

etsy beauty and beast ornament
photo: Etsy

You KNOW someone needs some "Beauty and the Beast" Nike shoes in their lives.

etsy nike roshes
photo: Etsy

All your favorite Beauty and the Beast quotes on a pillow? YES PLZ. 

etsy pillow case beauty and beast
photo: Etsy

A door mat—to welcome our guests!

etsy door mat beauty and beast
photo: Etsy

A stained glass window makeup case, for the Beauties with too much lipstick.

etsy makeup case beauty and beast
photo: Etsy

And what better to keep inside than rose-shaped makeup brushes?

amazon beauty and beast makeup brushes
photo: Amazon

Oh yes, these are "Beauty and the Beast"-inspired LEGGINGS!

amazon leggings beauty and the beast
photo: Amazon

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($18, Amazon), yellow variant ($18, Amazon).


Wear those leggings to the gym with this beauteous cup.

etsy water cup belle
photo: Etsy

And blast the soundtrack on these rose-encrusted headphones.

headphones beauty and beast
photo: Amazon

And when all is said and done, your Belle fan can cuddle up under this throw blanket and dream of ~romance~

amazon belle throw blanket
photo: Amazon