Happy Scorpio season! Scorpios are all about the mysterious parts of life. Also, Scorpios are hilarious and love making fun of their own intensity. They're sexy, confident, and they love capturing that vibe with clothes as enigmatic as they are. No one nails this style better than the Olsen twins, who wear oversize clothes and witchy black gowns.

I'm high-key obsessed with the Olsen twins. They are why I recently dyed my hair blonde, and I hoard photos of their best looks on a secret Pinterest board. And even though they are Geminis, their style is so on point for Scorpio vibes. Where possible, I've also included links so you can get the looks for less. 


The Olsen twins' Met Gala looks are always the stuff of legend.

Ever year, the Olsen twins descend from their lair to dazzle us on the Met Gala red carpet. They never wear anything on theme. They always wear romantic couture that you won't see anywhere else. The Olsen twins are noted vintage collectors, and in 2018 they wore these floor-length gowns with oversize jewelry. Ashley wore this necklace in her hair and I am OBSESSED.


Cop this divinity with this GANNI Silk Jacquard dress, $620, at Need Supply

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There's nothing more Scorpio than creating an aura of mystery, so channel their enigma with an elegant maxi gown, like this two-toned ankle-length dress by GANNI. Yes, at $620, it's suuuuper pricey, but *whispers* Need Supply puts stuff on super sale all the time.


The Olsen twins love a maroon-eyeliner situation.

The Olsen twins singlehandedly (double-handedly?) brought red eye makeup back into the public consciousness in 2013. MK & A favor a deep maroon color and use it as lid and waterline liner just like we all used black kohl in our teen goth years.


Capture Scorpio's eye intensity with the Lancôme Ombre Hypnôse Stylo Longwear Cream Eyeshadow Stick, $25, at Sephora

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Scorpios are intense people, and when they look at you, they are seeing your soul. Make everyone feel like you are controlling their psyche with this eye stylo from Lancôme. 

It's a darker red than it appears in the photo above; IRL it's more of a rich burgundy with a slightly metallic finish. I bought one just because I wanted to look like the Olsen twins, and I can attest to its blendability and ease of use. The color is buildable, so you can avoid a conjunctivitis look by carefully applying color.


MK & A wore these work-appropriate coven outfits to the 2017 Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards.

This is one of my favorite Olsen twins looks. Ashley's dramatic A-line gown plays perfectly off Mary Kate's for-real button-down and jaunty wide slacks. This is absolutely a look for witches who are going into the office.

I especially love that Ashley's dress mirrors how Scorpios love living in the shadows.


Get a mix of their two looks with this Donna Karan High-Low Flare Button Front Shirt, $69.99 at Saks Off Fifth.

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Above, Ashley shows how white button-downs are goth. The trick is to wear it buttoned all the way to the neck, to channel the way Scorpios take your breath away with their sensual atmosphere. This top with a flowing silhouette is the beautiful child of Ashley's gown and Mary-Kate's shirt.


If you're looking to show a little skin this Scorpio season, get inspired by these wondrous looks.

Scorpios exude sexuality. There's something so innately hot about Scorpios. It's like they are made of magnetic material, dragging you into their intoxicating orbit. Take inspiration from the Olsens and turn on the Scorpio sex appeal with something sheer while keeping the romantic vibes alive. Because as much as Scorpios love acting aloof, they're big cuddle bugs at heart.


Asymmetrical Lace Dress, $89.90, at Zara

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This dress is fabulous. Don't be afraid of sheer lace. It only contributes to the sexy-yet-enigmatic style moment you're going for. And that slightly puffed sleeve adds a touch of baroque romance. Excuse me while I add to cart.


The Olsen twins bury themselves in fabric for fashion and function.

For those of us in the upper Northern Hemisphere, Scorpio season is full of biting chills like the scorpion itself. The Olsen twins stay warm by famously wearing all the oversized layers, because being cold stopped being cool after high school. Who didn't wear denim jackets in February like "oh yeah, I'm fine"?


Curve oversized borg parka by Asos Design, $135, at Asos Curve

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Baby, it's cold outside. Rock your best oversize statement coat with this one that features equally oversize pockets to stuff your hands into when you inevitably lose a glove. Because losing one glove is a thousand times more frustrating than losing the pair.