It's a weird fact of modern life that our phones know us better than we know ourselves. While it *is* a little "Black Mirror," Instagram ads get us EVERY time.

But just how good are the products that IG advertises to us? Pretty damn good, it turns out.

Here are 16 products we've bought — and LOVED — thanks to Instagram ads.


Jewelry from Stone and Strand

stone and strand earrings
photo: Alle / Revelist

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"I was looking for cute, affordable jewelry that was also good quality. When I saw an ad in my feed for a site called Stone and Strand, I checked it out — and IT'S AWESOME. Stone and Strand is like ASOS for fancy jewelry. Many of the pieces they sell are available in a variety of colors and finishes, so someone who doesn't like yellow gold (like me) can wear a silver-y earring stack. The shipping was very fast — my order arrived within three days — and I wear the things I've bought from them all the time. If you want cute stuff you'll never find at Catbird, Stone and Strand is the place to go." — Alle Connell.

(I'm wearing the long bar stud earring in white gold, a tiny snake silver earring, and my lucky number seven earring in white gold.)


Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint

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"I've been looking FOREVER for a red liquid lipstick, and thanks to the Instagram ads, I decided to try Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint ($24, Sephora). I ordered two bottles the day it launched without even trying it on, because the ad campaign showed the way it looked on women of *all* shades. I saw women who looked like me (or are the same skin-tone as me) wearing it, so I felt more motivated to try it. Now I love it. I can eat burgers wearing Stunna and it stays put. Thank you, Rihanna." Mary Anderson.


$29 luxury jewelry rental from Switch 

switch jewelry rental service
photo: April Walloga / Switch

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If I said you could wear a different Chanel necklace every month for $29, you'd probably think there's a catch. No catch! Switch is a jewelry rental service that specializes in luxury brands like Chanel, Dior, and Hermes. I chose Switch's Black membership ($69 per month), which lets me have three items at a time, but pricing starts at $29 per month. Delivery is swift and the packaging is super chic; each item comes in a tiny leather pouch, and of course there's a return postage label to return or swap items out. — April Walloga.


Glossier You perfume

glossier you
photo: Glossier

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"I bought Glossier's perfume, You ($60, Glossier) without even smelling it first. I knew about the brand mostly because of Instagram but I had never bought anything. I saw a video promoting the perfume and I bought it. I don't know much about perfume, and the description of You on the site is strange — "Mostly it smells like you: that familiar human-y note that makes up the body of what you’re smelling. Creamy, sparkling, clean, warm. That’s You. *please be advised that the formula comes incomplete; You are the first ingredient*" — I don't know what this means, but I still bought it. It smells great." — Sara.


Moto leggings from Carbon38

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"I bought these Carbon38 moto leggings ($145, Carbon38) after seeing a fitness blogger wearing them in a #sponcon post. They look like leather pants, but they're really comfortable and stretchy!" — Rachel.


Fresh flower subscription from The Bouqs

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"I LOVE fresh flowers, but I never buy them. A blogger I like was posting about The Bouqs flower subscription service a lot (I think they were sponsored posts), so I tried it and I really like it. It's nice to get fresh flowers delivered regularly without thinking about it, and my subscription is easy to manage online for skipping weeks. It's like having a secret admirer, but my admirer is me, lol." — Lena.


A weighted blanket from Weighting Comforts

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"My anxiety has increased lately, and I've been looking for "natural" ways to help manage it. My therapist told me about weighted blankets, and I'd been looking for one when I saw Weighting Comforts in my IG feed. I bought the Pewter blanket in the small 10lb weight ($195, Weighting Comforts) and it's great! I can't imagine sleeping without it! And it's so soft." — Merrick.


Fancy leggings from Shopbop

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"I started going to the gym regularly last year, but I was having a tough time finding stuff to wear that was cute AND functional. Lo and behold, an ad popped up in my Instagram feed from Shopbop, showing me really cute black leggings from a brand called Michi. I bought my first pair during one of Shopbop's (blessedly frequent) sales, and IMMEDIATELY fell in love. I like the cutouts and the mesh; I LOVE the high waistband, and stretchy-yet-firm (but never see-through) material Michi leggings are made of. I'm wearing the Stardust leggings ($129, Shopbop) and have three other pairs. Thanks for making my butt look this great, Instagram." — Alle Connell.


Away luggage

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"I bought three pieces of Away luggage, mostly thanks to #sponsored #influencer #content. I needed a new suitcase and I also wanted to be the kind of person with a perfectly color-coordinated life who travels to cool places. I haven't used my suitcases to go anywhere yet, but I am using the carry-on ($225, Away) next to my bed, and it makes a great table." — Lori.


Custom frames for fancy art from Level Frames

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"Sometimes a cheap frame from IKEA just doesn't cut it — especially when Donald Robertson, aka Drawbertson, sends you a m-fing original illustration of yourself. After I finished hyperventilating over this present from an actual art legend, I started looking at framing options... which were all really expensive. Enter Level Frames, a service which showed up in my boyfriend's Instagram feed. Level allows you to customize literally EVERYTHING about your frame, makes it to your exact specifications — they'll even frame your item for you — then sends it all back quickly and easily. There's nothing I wouldn't trust to them, and I have Level frames for multiple other pictures in my apartment." —Alle Connell.


Glossier Cloud Paint

glossier cloud paint
photo: Glossier

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"My goal this summer was to use no more than five products on my face at a time, so when I saw an Insta-model using Glossier Cloud Paint ($18, Glossier) over bare skin, I was obsessed and bought two without even trying the colors IRL. While I didn't look like the baby angel I expected to look like, I actually ended up really liking it — even though it still squirts out all over the place and doesn't look as #aesthetic as I'd like." — Bella Zaydenberg.


Bikini bottoms from Monday Swimwear

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"I bought high-waisted swim bottoms from Monday Swimwear ($49, Monday Swimwear). I found the brand after I was searching elsewhere for swimsuits, and the Instagram algorithm re-targeted me with an ad from the brand telling me about a sale. The bottoms fit well, I like that you can buy tops and bottoms seperately, and I like that Monday is almost always having an online sale. I'll at least go browse." — Joy.


A tapestry from Ball and Chain Co

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"When I moved in to my new apartment, I bought a tapestry from Ball and Chain Co (starting at $22, Ball and Chain Co) because of an Instagram ad! I like it! Except the tapestry has a woman smoking on it, which makes me want to smoke, and I am trying to quit." — Rachel.


Pat McGrath lip balm

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"My lips get so chapped in the winter, and I'm always looking for new, better balm. I started seeing ads for Pat McGrath Labs' Lip Fetish lip balm ($38, Pat McGrath Labs) and I needed it! I'm used to spending a lot to get a lip balm that works, so what's $40, really? Anyway, I love it." — S.


A LuMee Case (this story is really funny, btw)

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"I don't know if this counts, but my mom saw Kim Kardashian using a LuMee Case ($70, LuMee Case) and talking about Instagram on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," so she bought one. My mom doesn't have an iPhone. That's marketing!" — Meghan.


Circle bag from

bando bags

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"I bought the circle amigo bag ($95, SOLELY because is really good at Instagram. It's a little pricey, but I've had it for a year now and damn if I don't still adore it. I'll probably get it in red soon." Nicola Dall'Asen