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Beyoncé has been out here living her best life. She's had twins. She's dropped countless stylish music videos on Instagram. She's even remixed a song for Puerto Rico relief!

While Beyoncé was out and about in NYC, her fans couldn't stop making comparisons between her latest look and a McDonalds menu item.

Yes, really.

Beyoncé's fans drew comparisons between the singer's outfit and McDonald's french fries on Instagram, and I'm officially done.

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Beyoncé wore a basic T-shirt, a Calvin Klein red knit pencil skirt, and yellow arm warmers. Totally chill, right? Wrong. Her fans took that simple color scheme and RAN WITH IT. 

*cue hundreds of french fry emojis*

Could Beyoncé, an American treasure, have been inspired by another national treasure, McDonald's french fries?

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We may never know but I certainly hope so. 

"Why is Bey dressed like a box of McDonalds fries tho?!" a follower inquired. The real question is why are we all *NOT* dressed like french fries all the time?

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"Bey, Queen, I love you because only you can pull off that McDonald's French Fry look girl timeless," another follower said. "McDonalds french fries color scheme," a user said. Although, if Beyoncé WERE to be inspired by a fast food chain, we know it'd be Red Lobster (*cough cough* "Lemonade"), but I definitely see what they mean. 

While most people would look ridiculous in knit sleeves, Beyoncé is no mere mortal.

beyonce street style
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Yes, she's wearing bright yellow sleeves with a T-shirt, but it totally makes sense with the fluctuating fall weather. It's a breezy 65 degrees one minute, and then drastically switches to 80 the next. Ain't nobody got time for that. 

If her next album is titled, "French Fries" her fans called it first.

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McDonalds, but make it fashion.