It's happened to us all: you have a big event, but nothing to wear! What's a girl to do?

That's when celebrities turn to the naked dress. Because seriously, if you have nothing to wear, you might as well wear nothing at all.

And today, we celebrate these see-through forces of nature. Here are 21 of our favorite, most incredibly NSFW naked dresses, ranked by how scandalous they are. Who do you think will be #1?


Kylie Jenner

kylie jenner naked dress
photo: Reuters

I know; I expected her to place higher, too! But the truth is, unlike her sisters, Kylizzle doesn't seem to like naked dresses on the red carpet, preferring bikinis on Snapchat instead.


Katy Perry

katy perry naked dress
photo: Reuters

This is like a figure skating club dress, and I'm INTO IT.


Gwen Stefani

gwen stefani
photo: Reuters

WHEN BAD STYLING HAPPENS TO GOOD PEOPLE. Wild West funeral up top, leg lamp down below.


Kendall Jenner

kendall jenner naked dress
photo: Reuters

This dress is not only naked, it's covered in snakes. Ten points to Slytherin.


Dascha Polanco

Dasha polanco naked dress
photo: Reuters

Ok, I know that this is technically a bodysuit — but it's still SO naked, I'm obsessed with it.


Jennifer Lopez

jennifer lopez green dress
photo: Reuters

This is the sheer green dress that, many say, kicked off our modern obsession with the naked dress. She may not have done it first, but dammit, J.Lo did it best.


Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian naked dress
photo: Reuters

Annnnnnd she's back, this time looking like the sexiest feather duster of all time.


Gigi Hadid

gigi hadid naked dress
photo: reuters

If Scarlett O'Hara got a hold of your great-aunt's shower curtains and had a MIGHTY NEED to show off her pelvis.


Erin Wasson

erin wasson naked dress
photo: Reuters

This dress has broken me. I can't even describe it in real sentences; it's all MORTICIA ADDAMS SEXY GYM FETISH BOOB STRIPE.


Jennifer Lopez

jennifer lopez naked dress
photo: Reuters

Never change, you beautiful naked angel.


Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian naked dress
photo: Reuters

Is this even technically considered clothing??? Like, seriously. If I walked into a Sizzler wearing this exact outfit, would I be told to put a damn shirt on? I feel like the answer is yes!



ciara naked dress
photo: Reuters

Truly, this is a miracle of modern engineering. And double-sided tape.


Toni Braxton

toni braxton naked dress
photo: Reuters

Toni Braxton's boob-mummy dress: a true classic of the naked dress form.


Bella Hadid

bella hadid naked dress
photo: Reuters

This makes me sweaty just looking at it. One unexpected gust of wind, and the world is your gynecologist.


Jennifer Lopez, again.

jennifer lopez naked dress
photo: Reuters

J.Lo has by far the most entries in the naked dress Hall of Fame, and honestly, if I looked as good as she does, I'd be wandering around in a bikini made of dental floss, too. This red gown is straight fire.


Irina Shayk

irina shayk naked dress
photo: Reuters



Amber Rose

amber rose naked dress
photo: Reuters

This is very Balmain goes to Rio, and I am HERE for it. Love u, Amber.



rihanna naked dress
photo: Reuters

Sometimes life gives you lemons. And then some other times, life gives you an immaculate green lace dress from Gucci, which you rip the lining out of and wear like TITS AHOY, because you're Rihanna, and you can totally do that.



beyonce naked dress
photo: Reuters

Because when the queen decides to wear a naked dress, she wears a goddamned NAKED. DRESS. #supreme


Rose McGowan

rose mcgowan naked dress
photo: Reuters

Where were you when Rose McGowan, known back in the day as "Marilyn Manson's girlfriend" showed up to the MTV Awards in bedazzled fishnet and strategically-placed string? Iconic '90s fashion moment right here.



rihanna naked dress
photo: Reuters

Who else could possibly be number one? Nobody but Bad Gal Riri at the CFDA Awards, of course. All that anyone wants in life is to be naked and covered in sparkles, looking like a Jazz age queen, and Rihanna has managed all of it. Praise!