She seems to be perfectly plucked from the ‘90s, and that’s one of the many reasons fans have become envious of Charli XCX’s throwback fashion sense. Charli has always incorporated elements of ‘90s fashion throughout her music and fashion career, but it wasn’t until 2018 when she released “1999” with Troye Sivan that fans really began to take notice. The music video for “1999” gave us an ultra-cool nod to ‘90s nostalgia, including a pile of referencing that would have us all tuning back into the movie, music, and television shows that paved the way to some of our favorite fashion trends. 

Charli’s love of ‘90s fashion and accessories has lived long after the music video ended. So if you’re looking for some nostalgia-powered outfits to inspire your next look, consider the following gems from Charli XCX's closet.

An ode to Tommy Hilfiger

The Tommy Hilfiger logo has become synonymous with the ‘90s, and that’s because anybody who was anybody was usually decked in Tommy Hilfiger logos. Charli keeps it subtle with her Tommy bag, shoes, and socks.

Buckets of nostalgia

It was originally created as the perfect hat for farmers and fishermen to do work in the rain, but somehow, the bucket hat became an iconic ‘90s staple. Of course, if you can get your hands on a designer version like the Burberry one owned by Charli, it suddenly feels a lot cooler.

Flaunting florals

Floral print dresses had their moment in the ‘90s and have managed to keep the momentum going ever since. The rise in popularity comes in varying dress lengths, but what remains are the never-ending options of prints.

Slip of a dress

Remember when Carrie Bradshaw wore the naked dress? Well, that happened in the ‘90s and set the tone for silk and satin slip dresses to become normal day wear. Charli gives this look a modern twist with a pop of color that perfectly matches her eye shadow.

Hippin’ and hoppin’

Taking cues from Salt-N-Pepa, Charli XCX pulled out all the stops when she presented us with this spandex outfit. From the fitted look to printed details, Italian fashion house GCDS knows how to make the ‘90s look cool again.

Choker chains

It’s no secret that choker chains are back, but there is still something special about Charli’s classy take on the trendy accessory.

Crushing on velvet

We don’t know what’s screaming “the ‘90s” more in this look — the elastic band belly top, the neon colorway, or the very fact that we are staring at crushed velvet. We’ll take all three for the win, please.

Style from the street

Looking cool in casual streetwear is a tricky fashion moment to master, but leave it to Charli XCX to hit the mark right on the head. The iridescent platform runners take us way back and the nod to ‘90s hair can be seen in the flawless flip.


Whether it’s a DIY creation or one you hand-picked from the store, tie-dye was a staple of ‘90s fashion and came in a variety of apparel options. So it would make sense that Charli XCX chose this print for her “1999” merchandise while touring her recent album, Charli.

Sport spicing it up

If you weren’t dressing up like Sporty Spice at some point during the ‘90s, we have to ask: Were you actually living? This Sporty Spice–inspired casual track dress look is a staple of ‘90s fashion that we’re happy to see back on the racks.

Playing in plaid

Plaid played a massive role in the ‘90s fashion for both men and women. And although the most common memory was tying a plaid flannel shirt around the waist with a belly top, it’s important to note that more feminine looks like this plaid dress were a thing, too.

Keeping things on track

Give us every windbreaker tracksuit until the end of time. This matching jacket and pant tracksuit is the envy of every ‘90s kid regardless of whether or not you actually grew up during the era. 

"1999" video IRL

It would be easy to point out every single outfit in the “1999” music video, but we can’t help but single this one out. Charli XCX’s spin on Steve Jobs is an effort that deserves to be framed.

Feeling sketchy

For the making of the music video, Skechers sent Charli a nostalgia-inspired pair of their beloved ‘90s sneaker. Charli’s written response was the same thing we are all thinking, which is, “You were the best then and still are now.”

Dressed to impress 

Pulling a page out of the ‘90s angst-ridden films of our 20s, Charli showed off in a long printed dress, which she paired with a chunky black bootie. We’re getting some serious Winona Ryder vibes with this one.

Denim on denim

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper ‘90s throwback without a little denim on denim. And the best part is that most of us still have our favorite denim button-down or reliable jean jacket to keep this look alive for years to come.

Punky pleather

Looking like the lead singer of a pop-rock girl band, Charli brought back all the feels with her shiny pleather pants. The manic updo and big hoop earrings really seal the deal.

Memorable Mary Jane

Chunky Mary Jane’s were one of the ’90s most popular shoes. You could dress them up or dress them down, and they were surprisingly easy to walk in. Who knew shoes could be fashionable and functional?

Animal Instincts

Animal print is one of those fashion trends that never really dies, but it seemed to have a major moment in the ‘90s, when prints were still all the rage coming out of the ‘80s. This slip dress gives it the elegant edge it deserves.

What’s in a name?

The Charli XCX merchandise line wouldn’t make sense unless it was dripping in ‘90s nostalgia as well. This “no angel” hoodie is named after one of Charli’s most popular songs, but is also a direct throwback to the days when wearing the latest catchphrases was almost cooler than saying it out loud.