The Cinderella gown has had MANY interpretations over the years. From a short red asymmetrical look to a huge white ballgown, Cinderella's look has been reimagined over and over again. 

Here are 10 of the best Cinderella gowns, ranked.  

10. In "Another Cinderella Story," Selena Gomez wore a mask with her bold red dress. 

I thought the red was a HUGE departure from the traditional Cinderella gowns, but since she was doing some pretty intense dance moves in the film it totally made sense. 

9. If being cursed wasn't bad enough, Anne Hathaway in "Ella Enchanted" also had to deal with a fairly boring white dress.

Since she rocked a hipster look for the majority of the movie, I had hoped for an edgier gown once she went to the ball. 

(Although in a close-up during the proposal/stabbing scene, her hand is embellished, which I thought was a cool touch to her look.)

8. Anna Kendrick in "Into the Woods" wore a gold Cinderella gown with matching heels. 

Although the gold isn't my favorite interpretation, she was dealing with a cheating prince so she definitely gets a pass. 

Plus, she wears a crown made out of gold leaf, which is DEFINITELY a different take on Cinderella's look. 

7. Probably the most underrated Cinderella adaptation, "After the Ball," features impressively quick fashion changes.

after the ball cinderella
photo: Netflix/After the Ball/Myriad Pictures

In the film, Portia Doubleday switches between her true identity and a male alter ego in order to design for her father's fashion line, which is overseen by her evil stepmother. 

Since it's more of a ~stylish~ approach to the Cinderella plot, Doubleday wears a short gown to the event.

after the ball cinderella
photo: Netflix/After the Ball/Myriad Pictures

Hey, maybe wearing a shorter dress made it easier for her to change identities.

6. Hilary Duff got major style points for her mask in "A Cinderella Story."

Although a super frilly dress might be a little extra today, it was definitely on trend for school dances in the early 2000s. 

5. Although Disney's 2015 live-action "Cinderella" was the most fantastical, some elements of her look were a little bit much. 

I loved the color, but I seriously don't know how she didn't trip over all of that fabric! Honestly, I thought Helena Bonham Carter as the fairy godmother had a better look. Just sayin'. 

The deep back of the dress was definitely more of an updated approach. 

(Side note: The live-action movie had THE BEST transformation, hands down. )

I went to see this movie in theaters with my friends, and if three skeptical adult women can be left speechless, then you know it's good. 

4. Disney's "Cinderella" gown definitely made sense in the 1950s. 

Look, it's not fair to really criticize this gown, since this is probably the most well-known Cinderella outfit. It's dramatic and princess-y, and I appreciate Cinderella's topknot, which was definitely ahead of its time. 

3. Brandy's dress in "Cinderella" definitely *shimmered* more than the others, and I digged the white gloves and sparkly tiara as a kid. 

The downside is that the fabric almost looks like plastic, but hey it was the '90s. Most importantly, Brandy was of the few Black Cinderellas, so this movie is pretty significant, regardless of what she wore. 

2. Jennifer Lopez SLAYED in her gown in "Maid in Manhattan." 

Do you see that bun? That PERFECT strapless dress? A part of me wishes that Lopez would've worn that look on the red carpet. It's Cinderella goes to the Oscars and I'm living for IT.

The film ALSO has one of my favorite makeover scenes ever. 

Lopez's Harry Winston diamond necklace will forever be in my mind. 

1. THOSE WINGS in "Ever After" are the best Cinderella interpretation hands DOWN. 

In the movie, Leonardo da Vinci was her fairy godmother who designed her wings, which honestly is pretty amazing. 

Although she got her wings ripped off by her evil stepmother, Drew Barrymore still looked fantastic. To top it all off, she's covered in glitter, so Barrymore wins at everything. 

Regardless of which "Cinderella" look is your favorite, they're all pretty remarkable in their own way. 

Whether or not Cinderella's wearing colorful gowns or tiaras or heck, even wings, she's still so confident, which is a look anyone should wear.