Denim in 2017 has risen to new and disturbing heights. From jeans exposing your crack, to crotch-to-butt zipper jeans, this year's trends have left me SHOOKETH.

But this denim jacket has taken that to an entirely new level. It has done me in. I am deceased.

Y/Project's oversized denim jacket has the longest sleeves known to man. The arms are just WAY.TOO.LONG.

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The jacket costs $695, and is frankly the most terrifying piece of denim I've ever seen. It's like what happens when your shirt shrinks and then you pull the arms and are stuck with a stretched out shirt. I'd never go into my closet if this was hanging in there. Spooky.

Available up to a men's size 42. 

Y/Project oversized denim jacket ($695, Net-a-porter

The site suggests scrunching the arms so you could actually be a functional human in them.

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I'm not really sure that would make it better, but whatever. 

Available up to a men's size 42. 

Y/Project oversized denim jacket ($695, Net-a-porter

It's like if a hipster and Babadook collaborated on a fashion line. BABADOOK BUT MAKE IT FASHION.

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Babadook in a Canadian tux? Count me in. 

Thankfully, I wasn't the only one who had a lot of feelings about this jacket.

Some thought the jacket resembled those giant inflatable people.


One user even dubbed the look, "the Canadian straight jacket."


Slenderman, but make it fashion.

Some people are really rooting for Slenderman to become a fashion icon and wear this look.

Although you'd be taking a major fashion risk by wearing this, the jacket could be useful in other ways.

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Y/Project oversized denim jacket ($695, Net-a-porter

Tie the sleeves together for a makeshift jumprope if you're at the park. You could use the sleeves as a leash when walking your dog. Also, if you run into catcallers while walking your dog, terrify them by chasing them à la Slenderman style. 

Either way, you'll definitely stand out from the crowd this fall.